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Security Monday: Safe Browsing Habits

Welcome to week one of our ‘Security Monday’ top tips. The topic this week is ‘Safe Browsing Habits’ and we have some tips from our Security Lead Jaabeer.

You can expect more of these top tips each week. We suggest that you share them with your staff to keep your data super secure.

In years gone by cybercriminals would use things like flashy annoying pop-ups on your browser to pull off a scam. However, in recent times cybercriminals are much more intelligent and malware can be pretty much silent when it’s altering your machine or harvesting your data, making it much harder to spot.

You should consider these tips whilst using both your work and personal devices, keeping you secure and making it harder for malware to be installed.

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  • Check the URL’s when browsing the internet. If strange characters are used then it is likely to be dodgy.
  • Whenever you are making transactions online such as paying for shopping, downloading files you should check that the webpage is on a secure connection. You can check this by looking for a padlock symbol on the top right of the browser or denoted in the URL. 
  • If you are downloading applications/files always ensure they are coming from legitimate sources i.e. the original author/publisher. Applications/files from other sites may have suspicious code injected into them such as via illegal torrenting sites. 
  • Always be wary of any offers or freebies which sound too good to be true.
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About the Author

Jaabeer works in the Information Security and Data Protection industry and is a Certified GDPR Practitioner . He has a wealth of experience working in the information technology, healthcare and energy industry as a Security Lead and Information Security Analyst.