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Share the Big Picture with Parents using Connect Childcare

Sharing ‘wow’ moments with parents should be easy.

Do you often have parents asking about what their child has experienced at nursery?

Often when parents pick their children up from nursery, it can be difficult for them to get a full understanding of their child’s experiences and activities of the day. As a nursery manager or owner it is so important to be able to share ‘wow’ moments and achievements with parents, strengthening parent partnerships and keeping them in the loop with their child’s development. 

Seeing the Big Picture

At Connect Childcare, we understand the importance of being able to effectively track child development across your setting. The Big Picture Report feature enables you to create your own overview of child development across all of your cohorts, using the Birth to Five Matters or Development Matters framework. This information can then be shared with parents through the ParentZone app instantly, ensuring that all parties are kept in the loop on their child’s achievements. This engages conversations and further enhances parent partnerships, allowing for a better relationship between practitioners and parents. 

Engaging Parents is Key

Strong parental engagement is central in promoting children’s healthy development and wellbeing. Yet one of the most challenging aspects of managing an early years setting is parents actively engaging with practitioners, to understand more about their child’s education. 

As we all know, the demands on parents’ time and attention coupled with varying drop-off and pick-up times on different days means it can sometimes be difficult for families and practitioners to chat face-to-face regularly, and reliably. However, there are other ways your nursery can interact with parents to bolster engagement.

Establishing regular contact — perhaps via an app such as a ParentZone — can supplement in-person interaction, providing a space for important communications, and a record of observations, suggestions, requests and notifications.

The Ultimate Guide to Parental Engagement

Strong parental engagement is central to promoting children’s healthy development and wellness, and our guide will help you discover how to improve parental engagement in your nursery. 


Utilising Parental Engagement Apps

Technology has become a necessity in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally. We rely on it to organise, connect, communicate, schedule, entertain, shop and generally assist us in our daily routines. This is no different for parents. We know how busy parents are, especially when they have their children in tow during collection and pick up. A parent communication app like ParentZone, supports busy parents with a quick and convenient way to:

  • Access information about their child’s day at a time that suits them best.
  • View their child’s daily activities and wow moments.
  • Upload their own observations from their time outside of nursery to give you a more complete view of a child’s learning experiences. Receiving observations from home will give practitioners more information to use in planning activities and next steps and will strengthen bonds with the family.
  • Pay their fees, by card, directly from their app. Parents can view their invoices and outstanding balance on the app so will always be aware if they owe any fees. Admin staff will no longer need to spend hours chasing up late payers and your cash flow will benefit as a result.
  • Request Extra Bookings.

Without having to take their eyes off their children.

By giving parents access to an online learning journey with advice on how their child can meet the next step in the criteria, they can actively help their child to learn and develop at home, enhancing their early years learning journey and giving them the best possible head start for school. 

ParentZone supports learning and development at home with ParentHub – an online resource portal offering tips, advice and ideas for parents and their children. Featuring activity and craft ideas, child-friendly recipes and EYFS learning. This portal equips parents with the key tools, resources and information needed to create a fun learning environment at home. 

How can Connect Childcare Help your Setting Combat the Cost-of-Living Crisis?

To learn more about how our nursery management software can support your setting throughout the cost-of-living crisis, contact our team for an informal chat, or book a free demo below.
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