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Staff Spotlight – Karen Flynn

iConnect Update - Development Matters

Here at Connect Childcare, each and every one of us is passionate about the Early Years (EY) sector and about developing management software that improves the lives of children, globally.

In order to shine the spotlight on our wonderful team, we’ve created an employee Q&A series – enabling our readers to better get to know the people behind the scenes.

Next up, we have Karen Flynn, our senior implementation manager.

  • Tell us about your role at Connect Childcare in one paragraph:

I’ve been a part of the business for over nine years and I help nursery staff to successfully implement our software solutions into their settings. Overall, I’m responsible for ensuring that Connect Childcare meets our customers’ needs – from pricing structure to how grants are incorporated, and bills calculated.

  • Describe the culture and ethos at Connect in three words:

Friendly, supportive, and passionate.

  • What’s your favourite feature in Connect’s software suite?

The finance module. If careful consideration has gone into the implementation of the contracts, bookings, grants, and fee structure, you can rely on our system to always generate bills accurately.

  • What role does technology play in the future of the EY sector?

It is vital. The ability to track the progress of children via smart solutions means practitioners can spend less time inputting admin tasks and more on prioritising child development.

In today’s fast-paced world, electronic registers – along with the ability to record remote drop-offs and pick-ups via ParentZone and iConnect – is a much-needed addition to help ease the pressures of everyday life in the fast-paced childcare sector.

  • Share an interesting fact about yourself that many people may not know:

I completed a very intricate cross-stitch in 2020. I love crocheting too – I love crocheting too – a more unusual creation of mine is a carrot I made with catnip for our cat, she loves it!

  • How would your colleagues describe you in one emoji?

My colleagues said ‘patient’, but we searched, and I don’t think there’s an emoji for that?! 

  • When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I wanted to work in a Post Office, especially because I had a mini set with an ink pad and rubber stamps when I was little.

  • And as a youngster, what was your favourite children’s book?

‘Shadow the Sheepdog’ by Enid Blyton – I’m showing my age now!

  • Investing in nursery management software is a big decision for childcare providers – why do you think they choose Connect?

It’s flexibility, because all nursery settings have different requirements. We can configure Connect to meet their needs or suggest alternative, less admin-intensive options to find the best solution.

  • Finally, what is one of your hopes for Connect over the coming year?

That we continue to build on our products to enable the smaller providers and childminders to experience, and enjoy, our software.

If you’d like to receive more news and updates from the Connect Childcare team, why not head over to our Twitter page or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Join Charlotte on a drop-in Q&A Session

Come along to one of our online drop-in sessions to ask your 'How To' question LIVE to our software training and development coordinator, Charlotte Woods. We have set up a virtual training room and sessions will be held regularly on a Wednesday with the first session on 20th January 2021, 9:00 AM GMT, we hope to see you there.
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