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Staff Spotlight – Linda Howarth

Linda Howarth Connect Childcare

Here at Connect Childcare, each and every one of us is passionate about the Early Years (EY) sector and about developing management software that improves the lives of children, globally.

In order to shine the spotlight on our wonderful team, we’ve created an employee Q&A series – enabling our readers to better get to know the people behind the scenes.

Next up, we have Linda Howarth, deputy team leader of our customer support team.

  • Tell us about your role at Connect Childcare in one paragraph:
    I’ve been working at Connect Childcare for six years, during which time I’ve moved around various departments. However, I’m currently part of the customer support division – offering help and advice to our clients.

  • Describe the culture and ethos at Connect in three words:
    Friendly, family-like and loving.

  • What’s your favourite feature in Connect’s software suite?
    The billing. It might sound a bit of a strange one to ‘enjoy’, but I think it’s great how in just two clicks of a button, the monthly invoicing can be completed – whether a nursery has 10 or 100 children.

  • What role does technology play in the future of the EY sector?
    A significant one – especially regarding the ‘saving time’ element for practitioners and childminders. The digitalisation of childcare setting management – and subsequent eradication of paper-based systems – will continue to help staff recoup the time previously spent on admin, and use this to concentrate more on the children and their development.

  • Share an interesting fact about yourself that many people may not know:
    I have a bit of a love of adrenaline sports. I once jumped out of a plane on a skydive to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Wing walking is next on my bucket list…

  • How would your colleagues describe you in one emoji?
    😁 – I’d like to think I’m known as the bubbly, happy one.

  • When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    Interestingly, I always wanted to be a nursery nurse. I’ve always had a passion for the EY sector, and here I am today, working in the childcare software industry.|

  • And as a youngster, what was your favourite children’s book?
    Hmm, I can’t think of my favourite book, but I did love the old Tom and Jerry cartoons!

  • Investing in nursery management software is a big decision for childcare providers – why do you think they choose Connect?
    Because it has a multitude of features and it’s scalable to the size of the setting.
    No matter where a nursery wants to optimise its processes – whether observations, billing, electronic registers, tracking enquiries, or reporting – the software suite can help.

  • Finally, what is one of your hopes for Connect over the coming year?
    I really can’t wait for us all to be back in the office, and I’d also love for the company to branch out internationally – helping EY settings across the globe to streamline their operations!

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