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Support for Nurseries – COVID-19

Following the government update and imminent closure of schools and nurseries, we’ve pulled together some additional resource to help you through this as much as possible. 

Our team are following the guidelines and are working remotely but are pleased to report that phone lines and live chat are still working as normal, so your normal support from us will continue as expected. 

As promised, we’re doing everything that we can to support our nurseries and parents throughout this period of uncertainty. 

To help you manage this at your setting, we’ve collated as many resources as we can that may benefit you and we will continue to add to this page as we hear more from the Government:

Additional Support for Connect Childcare customers:

Support For Parents with at-home learning:​

ParentHub Coming Soon:

ParentHub will bring your parents a wealth of resources and activities via the app to ensure that learning continues in the home. It’s free and if you use ParentZone, your parents will have access to it via the new ParentZone app very soon.

Get your parents using the new app with the Self Service Toolkit

Read more about ParentHub

How to send activities to parents to continue learning from home

In the meantime, you can send activities to your parents via iConnect and help them to continue learning and engagement at home. 

Learn how to send activities via iConnect

Add observations from ParentZone

Resources for parents

Get your parents to continue to contribute to their child’s learning journey during closure/self isolation by downloading and sharing this factsheet.

How to add observations from home & what to upload

Utilise these software features to help to keep your parents, staff and children healthy and informed...

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