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Supporting the Childcare Sector

It is no secret that the childcare sector is struggling. As an ex-early years practitioner, I have experienced firsthand the importance of early years development and the significant value these years have on children. Early education allows children to gain experiences whilst building social skills and interactions that shape everything from their ability to form relationships and succeed in the future.

Yesterday, the Shadow Education Secretary, Bridget Phillipson MP summarised that the support for childcare is inadequate and delivered through too many complex and confused systems. The cost of childcare is prising parents out of the jobs they love, if the childcare places are available at all. Childcare itself is too often not the quality our children deserve or its staff want to provide. And all of this in a funding system that makes our problems worse.

Although her speech was short on details, Bridget Phillipson promises to make reforming the childcare system her “first priority” in government. We look forward to hearing more of the political leader’s plans and actions to support the early years sector to ensure they have their voices heard.

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