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Sustainability Activity of the Week: Homemade Bird Feeder

As we push towards a sustainable future in the early years sector, we’ve been cooking up some great sustainable recipes and resources for you to use. And today we want to build on this idea and introduce to you our new series… 

Sustainable Activity of the Week! 

We think it’s important to provide useful resources for early years practitioners, childminders, and parents in terms of sustainability – and this series aims to bring you easy crafts and activities that will teach children about sustainable living. 

Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem, and there are a lot of things children can learn about the birds in Britain. To develop their understanding of nature and the environment, learning practical skills such as making bird feeders is a great activity.

This week we bring you a homemade bird feeder which has only 4 ingredients and will be a great craft to try at home or in a nursery setting this week. 

What you’ll need:

  • A toilet roll 
  • Peanut butter
  • Bird seeds
  • String 
  • A spreading knife
  • A knife or hole punch 


  1. Poke 2 holes in the top of the toilet roll, across from one another. 
  2. Thread some string through the holes, and then tie a loop at the top where it can be hung from a tree. 
  3. Sprinkle some bird seeds onto a table or tuff tray. 
  4. Use a spreading knife to paint peanut butter over the entire surface of the toilet roll. 
  5. Roll the toilet roll through the seeds to cover every inch. 
  6. Hang up your bird feeder on a tree in the garden. 

Join us next week for another sustainable early years activity, and if you try this out, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ConnectChildcare. Have you seen our recent birdwatching tips for children? Make sure to check it out and get your children involved with wildlife this spring.

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