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Sustainability Activity of the Week: Tofu Summer Rolls

We think it’s important to provide useful resources for early years practitioners, childminders, and parents in terms of sustainability – and this series aims to bring you easy crafts and activities that will teach children about sustainable living. 

This week we are bringing you a Tofu Summer Roll activity that will not only be a great way to teach children motor skills, but will also be a delicious meat-free meal or snack to enjoy during the day. 

Safety First!

Don’t allow children to handle rice paper while hot.

Tofu Summer Rolls 

What you’ll need:

  • Rice paper sheets
  • Hot water 
  • Cooked vermicelli noodles 
  • Assorted vegetables – we used cucumber, carrot, and baby corn 
  • Coriander or mint leaves
  • Fried tofu sticks 
  • Hoisin sauce 


  1. Chop your chosen vegetables into thin sticks, place into bowls ready for rolling. 
  2. Arrange your ingredients on a table in bowls. 
  3. Dip rice paper sheets in water for 5-10 seconds until they become clear, quickly transfer to a plate ready for the child to wrap. 
  4. Demonstrate how to wrap a summer roll, by adding small amounts of each ingredient into the middle of the wrap, before folding the top and bottom over the mix. Then, wrap one side over, and roll to meet the other side. 
  5. Allow children to play around with different vegetables and herbs to make their own summer rolls. 
  6. Heat up some hoisin sauce for dipping and enjoy as a healthy lunchtime snack that encourages children to eat more vegetables. 

Join us next week for another sustainable early years activity, and if you try this out, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ConnectChildcare. Have you seen our recent meat-free monday recipe? Make sure to check it out and get your children involved with healthy eating this spring.

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