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T is for Technology – The ABC of Early Years Education

These days, technology is everywhere – both in our personal and professional lives – and as a society we’re reliant upon our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to help us navigate our busy day-to-day.

The pandemic also exacerbated this reliance, seeing many organisations accelerate their technology adoption to help them remain agile during a period of uncertainty.

In early years, nursery management software is there to support and complement the work that childminders, independent nurseries, nursery groups, and after-school clubs do.

It’s there to reduce the amount of time managers and practitioners spend on administrative tasks, empowering them to focus on what matters most – providing the highest quality childcare to the children in their setting.

11 key ways our software helps nurseries:

  1. Reduces time spent on lengthy paperwork
  2. Makes complicated admin tasks quick and easy
  3. Affords early years staff more time to spend with the children
  4. Keeps your data safe and compliant
  5. Streamlines getting paid on time
  6. Fosters parental communication, collaboration, and engagement
  7. Extends child development into the home
  8. Manages complex staffing requirements – without spreadsheets
  9. Tracks and analyses enquiry conversions – helping to boost occupancy
  10. Improves sustainability credentials by going paperless

Gives greater visibility over your setting – informing crucial business decisions.

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