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Three Key Reasons why you should Choose Connect Childcare

Here at Connect, we understand the importance of nurseries requiring a singular streamlined software system. Setting up new management software takes energy, time, and effort — but once you have all the correct integrated systems in place, you will never look back.

The Connect Childcare system is not only flexible; it is also accurate, reliable and secure, and will help to fully digitise the ‘back office’ of your provision. In this blog, we will uncover the five key reasons why all aspects of Connect Childcare mean it is the right nursery management software for your setting.

1. Children first, admin second

First and foremost, our comprehensive software rapidly reduces admin time for employees at all levels, enabling managers and practitioners to focus on what matters most — developing the children within their care. For example, our online learning journey tool, iConnect — built in collaboration with early years professionals — not only centralises day-to-day processes, but it enables practitioners to focus on child development and improve parent partnerships, via:

  • Observations —  iConnect enables practitioners to record ‘of the moment’ videos and snapshots, ensuring that children’s developmental milestones are never missed. It also links directly back to the EYFS requirements.
  • Learning journals — create online learning journals taking account of contributions from a range of perspectives. Add notes, include the child’s voice and even link to observations shared from home.
  • Staff reflections — as well as its ability to record contributions from multiple practitioners, iConnect enables staff to review, edit and draft their notes and observations before sharing them with parents.
  • Daily updates —  ensuring that practitioners can effortlessly communicate with parents by keeping them up to date with feeds, nappy changes and mealtimes. 
  • Development reports — get a complete and up-to-date overview of the areas of learning where progress is being made, and spot patterns to help develop your pedagogy.

2. Improves parent partnerships

Our secure and easy-to-use app, ParentZone, provides an effective method for practitioners to communicate seamlessly with parents, by allowing two-way communication. Not only that, but it enables parents to receive real-time updates about their child which they can access at a time to suit them.

In addition to helping parents engage in their child’s learning journey, the app helps to provide a holistic learning experience for their child too. Our dedicated in-app tool, Parent Hub, also provides useful resources, information and activity ideas, helping to encourage further learning at home. 

ParentZone also provides the following features, to help continue to ‘wow’ parents even further:

  • Ability to request additional bookings.
  • Enables digital drop off and pick up, meaning parents can sign their children in and out via the app.
  • Option for parents to view how much they owe, helping to reduce debt for your setting.

Another perk is auto reconciliation meaning payments are automatically reconciled against any bill, reducing your admin time by 80%!

3. Accurate invoicing for peace of mind

Connect Childcare helps to ease the burden on nursery managers and administrators by further reducing admin time and helping you to get a handle on your invoicing. Through one accurate, secure system, processes that once used to be complicated can now be completed with the simple click of a button. The easy-to-use grants module not only helps providers save time on manual calculations but it assists with the following:

  • Invoicing — Connect’s software can accurately invoice an entire site within minutes.
  • Outstanding payments — collect direct debits with Connect Cashflow, view ad-hoc payments and chase any outstanding invoices at a glance.
  • Grant funding — this is automatically allocated to eligible children within your setting, saving time on calculations and avoiding invoice mishaps. 

Simplify your processes, improve parent partnerships and reduce your admin time by booking a demo today.

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