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Time is Priceless

We’ve all heard the saying; time is money.

But for nursery practitioners, time is far more important than money. And for our children, time is full of opportunities to explore, learn and develop.

We think: Time is Priceless.  

When you decided to pursue a career in childcare, it’s likely you were motivated by a passion for child development and the rewarding feeling you get when helping a child to learn and grow. However, the mountains of required paperwork can be overwhelming, take up a huge amount of time and overshadow the brilliant work that is being done.

Technology can help practitioners by making administration more efficient allowing them to focus on what really matters.

If you have 40 children, and each paper report takes 5 minutes, then you are spending:

200 minutes a day

16 ½ hours a week

70 hours a month

830 hours a year

on paperwork alone!

Wouldn’t this time be better spent helping our little ones to flourish?

Tablet observation systems and online learning journals, like iConnect, enable practitioners to save hours each week and reduce the need to spend time away from their key children. Observations can be done instantly on tablets in the rooms and all of the information is stored safely, ready to access again when needed for assessments and checks.

Daily activities like sleeps, meals and nappy changes can be recorded at the touch of a button.

iConnect is an award winning system that helps you manage more than just observations.

To find out how you can use this technology to make life easier for your nursery practitioners, check out this eBook:


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