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Tips for introducing new software to your parents.

Are you worried about the prospect of introducing new software to your parents?

Parental engagement software for nurseries is being adopted all over the country by savvy nursery and childcare providers who want to offer a more convenient way to communicate with their parents.

But the thought of getting all of your parents to accept and use a new tool can be daunting, to say the least.

ParentZone was released back in 2014, so we’ve collated the past 3 years of real life examples to bring you some tried and tested tips to get your parents on board with a new app. We’ll summarize them for you here.

• Start at the beginning.
Introduce the app to prospective parents when you’re showing them round. It will help them know what to expect from the app and will act as a reminder of the brilliant service you offer.

• Show and tell. Hold a parents evening to introduce the app to existing parents. You can get them all to download the apps while you’re there and show them exactly what to expect.

• The power of Facebook
Run a Facebook live video to show your parents just what to expect from the app, and give them the opportunity to revisit the video at any point if they need to re-cap

• Equip your staff
Use Connect Childcare’s parent resources to help your staff members answer any parent queries.

• Run competitions
Encourage parents to contribute their own photos by running competitions and asking parents to submit their entries using the app

• Start a conversation
Use the message feature to start up a conversation with any parents that don’t seem to be engaged with the app

For more detail, we’ve created this eBook
How to get parents on board with ParentZone
Download it for free.

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