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Use your tablets for more than just observations

You’ve invested in tablets for your nursery but are you getting the most out of them?


Tablets are helping to increase your staff efficiency; but added features like tablet based registers could save you even more time.

Why not use your tablets for more than just childcare observations?

iConnect allows practitioners to run and manage registers in their rooms on their tablets.

From you tablets you can:

– Sign children in and out and, mark them off with reasons

– Capture parent signatures on registers

– View booking calendars for an overview of future sessions

– Use registers to generate accurate and up to date bills

– Sign your practitioners in and out of rooms with staff registers


Are you still taking pen to paper to record daily activities? 

Using tablet technology to take observations is making your staff much more efficient. But you could be benefiting from so much more.

You could be saving even more time by recording nappy changes, meals, sleeps and accidents at the touch of a button.

iConnect combines it all, tablet based curriculum observations and comprehensive reports as well as daily activities.

Your staff are already familiar with tablet technology, and your parents are used to logging in to see their observations, so introducing tablet based daily activitiess is a breeze. Parents can stay up to date with their child’s daily routine directly from their smartphone apps.


Your parents could be benefitting from even more convenience.

Use your tablets for more than just observations and allow parents to view and request bookings, view all of their emails from your setting and even settle their bills – whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

With ParentZone, the award winning parent app that links to iConnect. Parents can do all this and more.

“Payments through Parent Zone has had a significant impact throughout all our sites. Previously, we’ve spent time chasing parents for unpaid invoices, whereas the new system allows parents to pay at much more convenient times, in a more convenient way.  

The feedback we have had from parents has been extremely positive; being able to access photos and videos of their children means they feel more involved with their nursery experience and the streamlining of our invoicing process makes it easier for them to keep an eye on their payments.”

Craig Jackson – Portico Day Nurseries


iConnect has won a number of prestigious awards for its approach to innovation and continual development. More than 19,000 practitioners and 99,000 parents are using the software.

If you would like to see how these additional features can benefit you and your staff book a demo today.

We can show you all of iConnect’s fantastic features which allow you to use your tablets for more than just observations. We’ll answer your questions about how easy it is to switch and we can discuss our future development plans.

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