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V for Values – The ABC of Early Years Education

Values play a vital role in early years settings – providing core stability and consistency regardless of frequent changes within the education system.

Political disparities, shifts in nursery leadership, and adjustments to the curriculum are all examples of factors that can influence the requirements placed on a practitioner at any one time.

However, having an ingrained values system that endures, regardless of any external uncertainty, provides a constant lifeline for educators, parents, and children to cling to. In fact, it’s what keeps many professionals passionate about teaching at times when external factors could threaten this.

Staying true to a pedagogical approach and its core principles also creates a basis from which practitioners and parents/carers can make decisions — particularly around the type of environment that best suits their needs. 

Whether following Froebel, Montessori, or an entirely different pedagogical approach it will, inevitably, influence a teacher’s practice. And, interestingly, it can impact a child’s broader learning as those values are embraced within the home.  

So, by being clear about what your environment offers, everyone — staff and parents — knows what they’re signing up for. This leads to a more engaged, rewarding, and supportive community all around.

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About the Author

Jessica Holme is an Early Years Teacher at Newlands Spring Nursery.