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We’re officially an outstanding company to work for!

Here at Connect Childcare, we understand the importance of workplace engagement and we genuinely value our people. That’s why we’re super proud to be recognised through the Best Companies 2 star accreditation by demonstrating ‘outstanding’ levels of workplace engagement.

Connect Childcare has been working with employee engagement specialists, Best Companies, to facilitate positive changes for our workforce. An engaged workforce is something to be celebrated – and Best Companies have helped us to acknowledge that with an official Best Companies accreditation.

The Best Companies 2 Star accreditation represents organisations striving for the top. Achieving a 2 Star accreditation takes a BCI score of at least 696.5, made possible only through an ‘outstanding’ commitment to workplace engagement. This is more than just a survey. It has involved us committing to a journey of discovery, insight and action that will help us to acknowledge where our organisation excels and where meaningful changes can be made. 

CEO, Chris Reid said “We are very much a people focussed business at Connect Childcare and have invested heavily in ensuring that the team is fully aligned to the strategic aims and shared values of the organisation. The detail that our recent b-Heard survey has gone into with regards to perceived strengths and weaknesses has been invaluable as we look to identify areas that we can improve upon and we’re absolutely delighted to have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ accreditation with 83% participation from the team.”

Connect Childcares’ mantra of hiring people to add to the organisation’s culture, rather than fit into it, is what makes it a great place to work. We proudly boast an energetic team with a huge appetite for success. This surely is not least in part down to the fact that our employees are in control of their own career progression and are encouraged to take ownership of their development so that they grow both as individuals, as well as a business. Values are important to us too, and, with the whole team being part of creating them, we use them to drive everything we do and to help us to meet our goals.

To find out more about Careers at Connect Childcare, head here.

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