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What Type of Nursery Manager Are You? Find Out With This Fun Quiz!

Every nursery manager wants to lead a productive and cheerful team, but getting to the point where you all work together like a well-oiled machine can take time and tools which you don’t always have. 

Taking into consideration some of the things you have to juggle as a nursery manager, we’ve created this fun quiz to help you determine your strengths and even learn a pointer or two on how to deal with certain situations.

Nursery Practitioner
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Nursery Manager Quiz

It’s only a bit of fun, but knowing a little bit more about yourself, and what kind of manager you are, can really help you to bring out the best in your team.

Ready to find out what your management style is?

Click the button below or simply click here. 

To make this a little bit exciting, this November we’ll be entering all nursery managers (who complete the quiz) into a draw to win a free case of Prosecco for you and your team.

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