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Why Knowledge-Sharing is Key for the Early Years Sector

Generosity can be an underrated concept in business, perhaps for fear of losing a competitive advantage, or giving away the secrets of hard-earned success.

Yet when something so important as young children’s experience and development is at stake, who wouldn’t want to be forthcoming with their expertise?

Knowledge-sharing is very good practice indeed, across childcare and early years education settings, because it helps the whole sector’s collective standards to carry on rising.

Generosity promotes quality, helps good ideas to spread — and, ultimately, leads to better outcomes for children. 

Cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational knowledge-sharing — from quick, handy hints to in-depth academic insight — helps nurseries and everyone else in the sector to achieve great things.

Nursery managers, practitioners, and other stakeholders have plenty to share — and just as much to listen to, and act upon.

This must be a two-way process. Listening and learning is just as important as sharing. What would be the point of offering pearls of wisdom if no-one was interested enough to be receptive about doing things differently?

So, curiosity and ambition to do better is key, and further underlines the importance of CPD for childcarers. The more effective your setting becomes, the lower the stress of inspection time – and the higher the likelihood of attracting and retaining talented, committed colleagues. The list goes on …

If reading this makes you want to seek out new knowledge from your peers, may we humbly suggest Connect Childcare’s recent, free-to-download ABC of Early Years Education.

The ABC of Early Years Education

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The 26 expert voices within its pages, sharing top tips, activities and resources, exemplify the spirit of goodwill we are talking about.

We’re very grateful for their generosity — as are the scores of fellow industry professionals who have already been reading it and taking note.

Within its pages is valuable insight into a vast array of early years topics including big emotions, wellbeing, technology, outdoor play, data security, inclusivity, sustainability, nutrition, and more.

We want as many people as possible to read, digest — and pass that generosity on!

Have you downloaded the ABC of Early Years Education yet?

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