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Introduce yoga to your nursery in the new term

Yoga has been proven to have fantastic health benefits.

But have you ever thought about introducing it to your children? 

Yoga in the Early Years can…

  • Improve flexibility & Strength

Yoga helps children with posture and spine health

  • Gain body awareness

Also called proprioception, this is an essential part of a child’s brain development. 

  • Refine balance & coordination

Essential for physical development. 

  • Introduce Mindfulness

Help children to calm and regulate themselves.

We spoke to Sue & Katie, the fabulous team behind Yoginis Yoga to understand their ethos. 

Sue & Katie have been teaching yoga to children since 2006. Their sessions are specifically designed to benefit young children and they have seen first hand the benefits of their work. It’s their missions to create happy, healthy, content children 

Watch the video to find out more:

Yoga is the perfect activity for young children. It’s physical but non-competitive and it’s all-inclusive – absolutely anyone can take part in yoga. 

The Yogini’s start every session with the Yogini promise. 

This helps the children to understand through routine and repetition. Children are often seen regulating themselves and others during the sessions and reminding them to use kind hearts, kind words and kind thoughts. 

The Yogini promise symbolised by 3 monkeys.

If you want to have a go at using this in your setting. You can download the 3 monkeys visual from Yoginis here: https://www.yoginisyoga.uk/free-resources

Not all practitioners are Yoga gurus – but with Yogini’s practices, they don’t need to be. 

They are mindful that practitioners might not feel confident enough to deliver a yoga class – but their programmes have been developed to be inclusive for everyone, children and adults alike. The training that the Yoginis offer will help practitioners of all levels to learn how to deliver engaging yoga classes for children. 

Many settings give yoga a go by using videos found on youtube, which is a great way to introduce the benefits of yoga to children, but using a video takes control away from the adults and can restrict the levels of engagement from the children. 

Giving a live lesson, without relying on a video, can massively increase engagement and allows practitioners to completely lead their own sessions. The team behind Yogini’s yoga offer face to face and online training sessions for practitioners to help deliver great yoga classes to your children. 

Their mantra is to keep it simple and they promise that if you get training today – you’ll be teaching tomorrow! 

If you’ve been inspired to introduce yoga in your setting, take a look at Yoginis Yoga and the range of training and resources that they offer. 


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