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Ensuring your data is safe with Connect Childcare

Following on from last week’s Ransomware attack that affected the NHS amongst others, we wanted to assure the Connect community how safe our systems are.

Is Connect vulnerable?

At Connect, we take security very seriously and are constantly reviewing our security policies to ensure that all of our systems are secure.
Cyber experts have pointed out that the National Health Service appeared to be susceptible to attack because many trusts were using old Windows systems and therefore did not have Microsoft’s most recent security updates which would have protected them.
We can assure you that all of the computers and servers at Connect are running the latest systems and are constantly maintained to ensure that the have the most up to date security patches.

Is the data safe?

At Connect, we are ISO9001 certified and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which means we comply with strict data protection legislation.
We keep all data safe using industry standard security protocols and data storage facilities based in the UK. These storage facilities are all certified to ISO27001 standards for your peace of mind.

Is my nursery safe?

As we have mentioned above, the best way for you to minimise the risk of being hacked is to ensure you run the latest security updates from Microsoft which you can find on the Microsoft website here and be vigilant when opening documents from untrusted or unknown sources.

What backup process is in place?

Regardless of your processes, we take full backups every few weeks and a log backup is taken every 30 minutes so the risk of data loss is minimal. Once a backup has been taken, the service will then send the data to the failover server using a secure method.

For more information, see our Security page or give our friendly team a call on 01282 507 945

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