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Contactless Payments

The quickest and most affordable way to receive payments – connect contactless.

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Why Contactless?

Safe and secure – a completely contactless and secure payment system allowing parents to pay you online through the ParentZone app.

Reduced admin – payments are automatically reconciled against the bill, reducing your admin time by up to 80% (compared to Direct Debit and cash).

Competitive rate – enjoy the lowest transaction fees on the market and save your nursery valuable resources.

Easy to set up – create your Total Processing account and start taking online payments through ParentZone today.

I prefer it to Direct Debit and cash as we make the saving in postings. We have seen a vast reduction in payment posting from a daily routine to one morning a week.

Craig Jackson - Portico Day Nurseries

Why Total Processing?

24/7 payments – 99% uptime with payments processed same day and money in your account the next day.

Secure – Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. Guarantee debit and credit card transactions are processed safely and securely with fraud protection.

Popular payment methods– accept all Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards and allow parents to pay with speed – how they want, when they want.

Live insights – get payment data in real time, complete control of your commercial activity and gain in depth customer insights.

The Lowest Transaction Fees

Fist 6 Months
Standard Rate

*Please note that AMEX, International Debit and Credit cards (any card issued outside of the UK), and Corporate issued cards (UK inclusive) are not accepted by Total Processing.

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Why Do Parents Love Contactless?

Convenient – Parents can view their bill and pay it directly within the award winning ParentZone app. 

Safe – Their debit and credit card transactions are processed safely and securely in ParentZone with fraud protection.

Fast – Payments through ParentZone can be made in 5 simple steps – and you receive them instantly!

Contactless Payments in ParentZone
encourage child development

Lower fees

paperless nursery system

Completely Contactless

nursery ratios

Easier for Parents

accessible everywhere

Stable and secure

Complete the form to start a Total Processing application and get ready to go contactless.

Not using Connect Childcare or ParentZone yet?

You can book a free no obligation demo of our software and see how easy it is to handle more than just payments!


Online payment refers to money that is exchanged electronically using a debit or credit card. These payments are contactless and do not require a physical exchange of money. You can take online payments through the ParentZone app.

We have teamed up with Total Processing to negotiate the lowest rate for you. This means you can accept debit and credit card payments with lower transaction fees than other online payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

Total Processing work with a network of more than 300 banking partners across the globe, all of whom process payments securely through their level 1 PCI DSS secure payments gateway, protecting your transactions with the utmost level of security and trust.

Parents can pay you online straight from the ParentZone app and you’ll receive the payment immediately. Payments through ParentZone are also automatically reconciled with the bill on Connect Childcare.

Creating a Total Processing account is completely free and the transaction fee for online payments through ParentZone is the lowest on the market. We have negotiated a special discounted rate of just 1.2% + 15p per transaction.

All other Total Processing fees:

  • Wire fee: £1 per settlement

  • Refunds: £1

  • Chargeback: £25

  • PCI: £7 per month (we cover this)

When a parent pays their bill online through the ParentZone app, the funds will show in your Total Processing account immediately. The payment will then clear and show in your bank account the very next day. Other online payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay take up to 7 days to clear a payment.