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Easter Competition

Refer a Nursery Bunny this Easter and receive one of Five gifts + your friend will get 10% off their Nursery Software quote ūüź£

Our hero workers have hopped all day, delivering knowledge before the holiday, their paws are tired and maybe a little ill, the last thing they need, is another form to fill.

So give the gift of time this Easter and help your bunny friends streamline their admin,¬† you could even find yourself winning a ¬£50 teaser ūüôā

Some of the Easter gifts you could win for referring another nursery to use Connect Childcare

£50 John Lewis Voucher
£50 Amazon Voucher
Surprise Fortnum & Mason Hamper worth £50 in value
ParentZone App Logo
ParentZone completely Free for One Year
Connect Childcare Logo
10% Off your renewal price for Connect Childcare, iConnect or ParentZone

What gift will the Easter Bunny give you this Easter? Refer a Nursery Bunny to find out...

Terms and Conditions

You can win simply by referring a bunny buddy to demo Connect Childcare's software.

They don’t need to purchase it just see what we can do for them and their nursery ūüôā

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