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Welcome to the Early Years Staffing Hub

One of the key topics within the Early Years Sector in England is the impact of the recruitment and retention challenges.

Whilst urgent action is needed from the government to affect positive change in the early years sector, we wanted to provide practitioners and managers alike with some inspiration on things you can consider right now.

We’ve gathered top tips and resources from a variety of sector voices and combined them into a free online platform for you to enjoy. 

Watch the video: Early Years Sector Insights –
What are the biggest challenges we currently face in Early Years?


Attracting & Retaining High Quality Staff in the Early Years

Advice from Connect Childcare and other leading sector experts on how to recruit and retain high-quality staff in the early years.

Expert advice and articles...

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Printable 21 Day Wellness Challenge

As we launch our staffing hub with lots of useful resources for those in the early years sector, we also wanted to take some time out to focus on our mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we are excited to announce our new 21 Day Wellness Challenge!

Catch up on the MyHappyMind Webinar

Laura Earnshaw from MyHappyMind joined us for an exclusive webinar discussing stress in the early year's sector. She discusses the science-backed secrets to building resilience in children. She also informs you of what's really going on when your staff are stressed and how you can help.

Guide To Nursery Staff Wellbeing

This interactive workbook is made for ANY early years educator. It includes 15 fun mental health and wellbeing activities for you and you to try. These activities will work to help you change your habits for the better and promote good mental health.

Social Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care

The new book written by June O’Sullivan MBE and Mona Sakr addresses why early childhood education is key to social leadership and building a fairer, better society. June, CEO of LEYF, says: “The work we do in Early Childhood Education is driven by a social purpose and the desire to make a difference".

What Type of Nursery Manager Are You?

Find Out With This Fun Quiz!

Every nursery manager wants to lead a productive and cheerful team, but getting to the point where you all work together like a well-oiled machine can take time and tools which you don’t always have. 

Taking into consideration some of the things you have to juggle as a nursery manager, we’ve created this fun quiz to help you determine your strengths and even learn a pointer or two on how to deal with certain situations.

It’s only a bit of fun, but knowing a little bit more about yourself, and what kind of manager you are can really help you to bring out the best in your team.

Ready to find out what your management style is? Click the button below or simply click here. 

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