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The easiest and cheapest way to collect fees with our easy to use, all-in-one payments gateway. Your cashflow and parents will love it. 

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Connect Childcare has been creating award-winning nursery software for over 15 years. 

Connect Childcare’s full suite encompasses iConnect, ParentZone and ParentHub with far greater flexibility than anything on the market. 

If you need more features beyond Foundation’s we recommend you book a free demo today to find out more. 

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With the lowest fees on the market, see how much you could save by switching to ParentZone pay Today. 

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Electronic Payment Methods are one of the most popular payment forms. These include online payments made by credit and debit cards. Other alternative payment methods include bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards, apple pay, google pay and bitcoin.

We work with many acquiring banks to provide you with a merchant account that allows you to accept payments online. Whether your goal is to find an affordable solution with low-cost payment solutions or work with a provider experienced with taking high-risk payments, we’ll have the right acquirer for you.

We work with a network of more than 300 banking partners across the globe, all of whom process payments securely through our level 1 PCI DSS secure payments gateway, protecting your transactions with the utmost level of security and trust.

The main ways to accept payments online are through online payments from credit and debit cards, eChecks, mobile payments, online payment gateways, click-to-pay, recurring billing and EVM/chip cards.

The charge for ParentZone pay are the lowest on the market, and cheaper than all major providers across the UK. We have especially negotiated a charge rate of just 1.4% + 20p for every online transaction. 


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See how much you could save by booking a free call today.

foundations™ has been designed with ease of use in mind. We’ve kept it simple to help you truly speed up your paperwork.

Manage your contacts

Store the details of all of your children and their key contacts safely on your app.

Manage your contacts

Store the details of all of your children and their key contacts safely on your app.



Why Parents Love ParentPay...

Send each child’s events instantly to their parents on their own secure parent app, ParentZone.

ParentZone is the free parent app that links directly with foundations.

Every event you log for a child is sent instantly to their parent’s app for them to view whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.


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