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Case Study

Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Training

Case Study - Training with Connect Childcare

Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group recently sent a number of employees to attend a group training session at Connect Childcare. The purpose of the sessions was to get staff who has never used the system before, up to speed with Connect Childcare to allow the whole group to operate consistently.

Connect Childcare arranged group sessions for staff from different settings to attend together.

The staff members that attended were new to the system and needed a full introduction to the software as well as some more in depth knowledge on certain areas.

group training session at Connect Childcare.

Sam Henson, Nursery Manager at Headstart Day Nursery, told us, “There was a lot to take in but it was so informative. The trainer was very good and answered all of our questions, she was helpful approachable and friendly.”

The team left the day with an in depth knowledge of the full Connect Childcare system and were full of confidence to start using it in their settings.

Kerry Hawker, Nursery Manager from Little Acorns confirmed “The training was very informative. We had a tendency to jump ahead but everything was explained so well and was always brought back on topic. Im feeling confident now, everything’s much easier once you have a go on the sandbox” These comments were backed up by her colleague, Lisa McKenzie, “I feel much better about using the system now that I’ve had the opportunity to try it out myself”

introduction to the software

Investing in training for employees is proven to boost morale and company loyalty. Kiddi Caru’s group training approach shows their employees that they are valued and that the quality of their work matters.

Following the training, the Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group can be confident that their staff members have a similar level of knowledge across all of their sites, something that becomes very important when reporting at group level.

experienced and successful trainers

Caron Mosely, Kiddi Caru’s Marketing Manager, told us;
“Feedback from the training sessions was fantastic. Our staff members who were quite weary of the system to begin with are now confident and ready to get stuck in.

It was important to us at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group to make sure everyone was operating at the same level so that we’re consistently providing a high quality service.

Connect Childcare’s training option gave us an easy way to up-skill our employees without adding extra pressure onto those that were already up to speed. It was a great investment and our objectives were within a few days. Our staff have been able to take in a huge amount of knowledge in just a small amount of time.”

Connect Childcare have a team of experienced and successful trainers. They will work with your team to make sure everyone learns at their own pace and gets the most out of every session. Whether you choose a focussed session on one specific area of the system, or would like a broad overview of all areas, our training team can make you a bespoke training plan to ensure that your objectives are achieved. Our trainers can travel to hold training sessions at your own setting, or they can be held in our training rooms at the Connect Childcare offices in Burnley.

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group training session at Connect Childcare.

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