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The ABC of Early Years Education

The early years are a vital time in children’s lives – it’s the period in which the educational, social, emotional, physical, behavioural, and cognitive building blocks are put in place.


While it has long been no secret that the sector faces many challenges regarding governmental support, funding, workload, recruitment, retention, and recognition, there’s no denying the sheer strength and resilience that exists within it – irrespective of what’s happening at a policy level.


We’re extremely proud to be a part of this key industry, and that’s why we’re bringing you this free resource – The ABC of Early Years Education.


Set out in an alphabet-style format, The ABC of Early Years Education brings together 26 of the sector’s expert voices, sharing insight, top tips, activities, and resources with childcare professionals. With 26 letters to cover, the download features a vast array of early years topics – including big emotions, wellbeing, Ofsted, outdoor play, data security, inclusivity, sustainability, nutrition, and many more.


In order to make it an authoritative and valuable resource, we’ve worked with a catalogue of spokespeople and experts across the sector to cover some of the most prevalent topics facing the country’s early childhood educators.


This sees contributions from Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Jennie Johnson, June O’Sullivan, Kathy Brodie, Alison Featherbe, David Wright, and Cheryl Hadland, to name just some of the authors featured. The ABC of Early Years Education Image In this guide you’ll discover:

  • 26 letters of early years-related insight and advice
  • Top tips for improving your practice
  • Expert advice about early years education
  • New activities you can use in your teaching
  • Great resources to introduce to your setting, staff, and children!


The guide is available to download for free, however if you would like a physical copy for your nursery, please get in touch with our team, via


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