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I am duplicating work

Lots of Nurseries and Childcare Providers use different software systems to manage different admin tasks. This increases the risk of user error, makes business reporting difficult and wastes time on duplication. There is a better way…

Take a look at these comments from Nursery Managers and Owners who were once in your shoes. Click on the images to download the full case studies and find out about the challenges they faced, why they chose Connect Childcare and the impact that Connect’s software has had on their business…

Cheeky Monkees

Cheeky Monkees Nurseries

The expansion of the nursery meant that the previous software system had become unfit for purpose and often created more issues than it solved. With a separate database installed at each of the 4 sites, Angela had no visibility of the company overall and was often unaware of problems until she ran a report at the end of each month.

"I loved it from the first demonstration. I could see it was going to give me more control over the different settings and save us time and money. We were spending a fortune in printing alone and the time-saving benefits for staff were huge."
Portico Day Nurseries Logo

Portico Day Nurseries Ltd

They were unhappy with the functionality of their existing system because all of their management, parental engagement, observations and payment details couldn’t be stored in the same system.

"Utilising Connect Childcare’s full product portfolio has had huge benefits to our nursery chain. We are operating much more efficiently, costs have been cut in a variety of areas including the amount we were spending on printing pictures of children for parents and staff and parents are now much more engaged."
Tiggers Nurseries Logo

Tiggers Nurseries

"We used software for our accounts and mailing and a different software for Learning Journals, but then we then found Connect Childcare and realised we could do it all from the same system.”

"The software has had a huge impact on the amount of administration and paperwork that the team have to complete, as all of their work is now completed on their tablets. The child development reports that iConnect generates are helping the team at Tiggers to focus on developing the children in their care."

Feel free to take a look at other common challenges in the table below to find out how Nurseries like yours have overcome them by adopting nursery management software.

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