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I spend too much time on extra admin

Whether you use purpose built software or your own spreadsheets, systems are supposed to save you time. Many nurseries find they spend too much time on manual corrections and extra admin due to inadequacies in their spreadsheets and systems.

Take a look at these comments from Nursery Managers and Owners who were once in your shoes. Click on the images to download the full case studies and find out about the challenges they faced, why they chose Connect Childcare and the impact that Connect’s software has had on their business…

Lauriston Nursery

Lauriston Nursery Ltd

"We tried two different software products before engaging with Connect, each of them were good in parts but had a lot of flaws. We would fill in the gaps with our own spreadsheets."

"The thing that I like best about Connect is that all the information is held in one neat, secure place and is not a series of paper files lying all over the place. Our practitioners save time every day in administration and we can monitor room numbers and staff numbers at a press of a button."
Logo Case Study

Kilsyth Children's Club

"We were spending almost one week every month manually invoicing. It was extremely time-consuming to send out the invoices and then to correct all the mistakes that were in them."

"Connect Childcare has freed up management time hugely and mistakes are now almost nil."

Canterbury Day Nursery

Canterbury Day Nursery

"The staff at Canterbury Day Nursery used a combination of spreadsheets and paperwork to manage their whole setting, something that was becoming more and more of a burden."

"Sally and the Canterbury Day Nursery team are delighted with their decision to use iConnect and ParentZone. It has met their needs by reducing paperwork, providing value for money and having great ongoing support. With iConnect, our staff can spend more direct time with the children and we look, and feel, more professional within our business."

Feel free to take a look at other common challenges in the table below to find out how Nurseries like yours have overcome them by adopting nursery management software.

Choosing Nursery Management Software

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