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I am a new nursery

As a new nursery, you face many challenges but have the fortunate position of being able to get your processes and systems in place from the outset to make sure you start on the right track.


Take a look at these comments from Nursery Managers and Owners who were once in your shoes. You can access the full case studies to find out about the challenges they faced, why they chose Connect Childcare and the impact that Connect’s software has had on their business…

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Babblebrooke Day Nursery

"We had only been open three weeks when we contacted Connect Childcare but we were really struggling with registers taking a long time to complete and our staff - who are only human - making mistakes with invoicing through the Sage system."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Connect to other users as the money we have invested in the system has improved the quality of Babblebrooke in all areas.
It has paid for its self in a short period of time and I couldn't effectively do my job without it."

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Little Blossoms of Barrowford

Amy had previously experienced a nursery management software that did not allow for any flexibility or personalisation. This software also published very formal observations which were not what parents wanted so nursery staff ended up cutting and sticking the observations onto another sheet of paper - wasting both time and money.

"One of the biggest bonuses of iConnect has to be the cost and time savings it offers. Our staff have saved countless hours by not cutting and sticking evidence into learning journals and we have estimated that we are saving up to £85 a month on printing daily sheets and colour photos.

Feel free to take a look at other common challenges in the table below to find out how Nurseries like yours have overcome them by adopting nursery management software. 

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Choosing Nursery Management Software

We understand that choosing a new nursery management system is a huge decision.
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