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The administration requirements of nurseries are seemingly never-ending. With mountains of paperwork needed to comply with Ofsted, track child development and keep parents in the loop, many providers want to make changes to enable more focus on the children in their care.

Take a look at these comments from Nursery Managers and Owners who were once in your shoes. Click on the images to download the full case studies and find out about the challenges they faced, why they chose Connect Childcare and the impact that Connect’s software has had on their business…

Seymour House Early Education

Seymour House

Director, Jonathan Player, confirms that the driving force behind Seymour House is the ambition to provide high-quality childcare. We realised we needed a purpose-built Nursery Management System so we began to look at options.

"Connect Childcare ensures that our processes are simple and consistent. It allows our team to focus on what they do best; care and education."

Fisherfield Farm Nursery Group Childcare

Fisherfield Childcare

The staff didn’t enjoy the balance between paperwork and caring for and helping to develop the children in their care. Owners Nicky and David MacGill were keen to find a way of easing the administrative burden on their key members of staff whilst ensuring they continued to document and monitor developmental information about children.

"Staff are much happier using iConnect and it has positively transformed the way we record children’s learning journeys. It has so many uses, from monitoring late payments to finding out which staff are working which shifts, that I really don’t know how we managed without it."
Canterbury Day Nursery

Canterbury Day Nursery

The team are passionate about giving all children a great start in life and focus on child-led activities and learning. After identifying that they were spending too much time on paperwork they decided to look for something that would lessen the load and relieve stress for their team.

"It’s not just parental engagement that’s improved, Sally has used iConnect’s reporting features to her advantage to further increase the quality of provision they provide. Now that we can track children's progress and levels of development, we can see where the gaps are which enables us to provide a better bespoke provision for our individual children."

Feel free to take a look at other common challenges in the table below to find out how Nurseries like yours have overcome them by adopting nursery management software.

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