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Reporting and data analysis is an essential part of nursery management, but many childcare providers find that the data they get from their old software systems is unreliable.  As a result, they are unable to gain insights and make informed decisions for their businesses.

Take a look at these comments from Nursery Managers and Owners who were once in your shoes. Click on the images to download the full case studies and find out about the challenges they faced, why they chose Connect Childcare and the impact that Connect’s software has had on their business…

Birmingham University Oaks and Elms Day Nursery

University of Birmingham

"The software we had wasn't capable of running management reports and we couldn't gain an accurate picture of our numbers because it couldn't go into enough detail for us. For example, our two to three year old's are based in two locations but our old software could only give us the combined figure for children in the two rooms."

"Connect has helped to streamline all of our processes. For example, we can now log an inquiry on the software will predict future occupancy numbers meaning we can deal with enquiries quickly and accurately."

Little Pioneer Cooperative Childcare logo

The Cooperative Childcare

"Our existing software was throwing up increasing numbers of inaccuracies in reports and was preventing us from looking at the business as a whole.
It did not allow us to look at reports globally, instead we had to dip in and out of each individual site to get the data we needed, which was becoming increasingly time-consuming as we added more sites."

"We have very quickly seen the benefits of working with Connect Childcare. We didn't realise just how long winded some of our processes, such as debt management, were. Now we have been able to streamline a wide range of processes to help the business run effectively,"
Goddard Park Logo

Goddard Park

"The software we were using was limited in its capabilities and adaptability. The reporting functions were dire and the production of registers was poor. There was absolutely no flexibility in the software. We couldn't change registers or invoices and as such the software was not meeting our needs."

"We are always applying new functions on the software and it has improved our management of bookings and invoicing beyond recognition. From a management perspective, we are now finding it much easier to plan for the future with accurate records of the children in our care and when they will be moving on."

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