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Connect Community

When you adopt Connect Childcare into your nursery, you don’t just get a software system, you get welcomed into a growing community.

The Connect Community is your place to ask each other questions, get answers, share ideas, stay in the loop for latest sector news and product tips, and chat with peers about how they use Connect Childcare in their setting.

We’ll also guide you to useful resources where necessary to make using the software super simple. Users are encouraged to post their ideas for software improvements. From small tweaks to completely new features, if you’ve got a bright idea, we want to hear it! If enough users vote for a post and agree with the idea, our in house development team will get to work to turn dreams into reality. Every software update we push and every product we release is the result of paying attention to what our users are asking for, and having the expertise to build it.


The Connect Community is part of our promise to you to support you as a business partner. We provide the very best products and services to enable you to provide the very best quality childcare.





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