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Looking for help and support on the Connect Childcare software? 

Our pledge to you...

To be patient and attentive whilst delivering the best possible customer support

To actively gather feedback in order to improve future services, training, products and support

To treat you with courtesy, respect and consideration throughout the support process

To deliver free unlimited access to our Help Desk and online user guides

Stephen Brady
Stephen Brady, 
Head of Customer Success

If you’re already a Connect Childcare customer our support team are waiting to help you!

We made a promise to you when you joined us that we’d support you to help you and your team get the most from our software.  Head over to the Help Desk now to view help articles, raise a support ticket or start a live chat with our team now. 

Our 10 experienced Support Agents are available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 

Contact them by phone, email or live chat


Knowledge Base

Providing you with clean and confident content. Our Customer Success Team have a LOT of knowledge about certain customer queries and the best way to solve them. We’ve taken all of that knowledge and built a well-stocked, web-based knowledge base to give you access to all of the relevant answers. The knowledgebase provides a faster self-service experience. Here you will find training videos, downloadable resources and help articles on how to use the features of the software.


Ticketing System

What is a ticketing system? Our ticketing system is used by our Customer Success team whenever you ask us for help. It acts as a shared inbox for all of our customers’ questions and concerns. When you ask us for help your Customer Success Consultant (CSC) will automatically have access to important information about you, including when you last requested support, what the issue was, how it was resolved, and even how long you had to wait for a resolution.


Connect Community

A place for customer conversations. The Community Forum gives you the opportunity to suggest new features, network with other like-minded professionals and vote for features you love. The community is monitored by our product team so if a feature request gets enough votes, they will work on building it into one of our product updates.


Live Chat

Giving you the attention you deserve. We understand that you are very busy people and sometimes you just need quick access to a real person without picking up the phone. With our new Live Chat feature, you can proactively engage with us – in real-time and we can give you the answers you need immediately.

We need feedback!

Every three months we’ll send you a one-question survey that looks a bit like this…

We’d like you to complete it and be completely honest! It’s the best way to help us improve. 


Nursery Feedback Survey NPS
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How to log in to the Help Desk

Don’t worry, it’s super easy, any Connect Childcare user can sign up, all you need to do is head over to our help desk and click ‘sign up’ as shown here. 

Top Tip: If you use the same email address to sign up as you use for Twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft you can use the quick sign-in buttons to log straight in next time! 

"First Class Support - as always!!"
Little Bears Daycare Group
Lee O'Neil
Little Bears
"Connect's Customer Service team always find a way around our tricky problems and we know they will deal with our calls and enquiries in a friendly and efficient way."
Bourton Meadow
Sarah Joubert
Bourton Meadow
"Issues are dealt with quickly and the staff are very friendly and supportive."
Cheeky Monkees
Angela Mehegan
Cheeky Monkees

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