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Outstanding Nursery Management Software

The Connect Childcare system is not only flexible; it is accurate, secure, reliable and will streamline your processes, rapidly reducing your admin time. 

Why nursery managers love Connect Childcare

Connect Childcare’s comprehensive nursery management software combines computer programmes and apps to ease the burden on Nursery Managers & Administrators, allowing them to focus on developing the children in their care.

Reduce Admin Time

Reduce admin time and streamline your processes by invoicing entire sites in just minutes. Connect’s easy-to-use grants module saves hours of time on calculations and ensures your invoices are always accurate.

Automated Payments

Manage invoices from the Connect Childcare platform and eliminate hours spent reconciling bank statements. Automated payment collections ensure you get paid on time and reduce the amount you spend on payment processing fees.

Informed Decisions

Reports can be run on any part of your system, like enquiries, debtors and staff ratios, in a matter of seconds. Knowing that you can rely on accurate data reporting will enable you to make informed decisions for the future of your business.

Get a handle on your invoicing

Make your complicated processes quick and easy with Connect Childcare, our flexible, accurate, secure nursery management system.

Invoicing and Finance

Connect Childcare makes invoicing quick and easy with the ability to accurately invoice entire sites in just minutes.

Outstanding Payments

View outstanding invoices at a glance and quickly and easily set up payment plans or record ad-hoc payments. Collect Direct Debits payments with Connect Cashflow.

Grant Funding

Grant Funding is automatically allocated to eligible children saving hours of time on tricky calculations and ensuring your invoices are always accurate.

Ensure your setting is prepared for the future

Update your waiting list to monitor prospective parents and ensure that your setting is sustainable to continue operating a successful business.

Accurate Nursery Insights

Analyse any part of your setting with a comprehensive range of reliable reports.

Intelligent Staff Management

Manage complex staffing requirements across multiple settings without the need for spreadsheets.

Boost your Occupancy

Track and analyse enquiry conversions to help you boost your occupancy levels.

Peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure

Connect Childcare takes security very seriously. We have ensured that all of the data in our nursery management software is super safe.

Encrypted Data

All data is encrypted so information cannot be read by any third party.

Restrict User Logins

Administrators have the ability to restrict user logins if needed.

Highly Secured Servers

Data is stored on highly secured servers with failovers in place.


Choosing & Switching Nursery Management Software

With so many software providers out there, from single-feature tools to comprehensive enterprise solutions, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose one.

Technology moves at a faster rate than ever before so that means investing in the ideal system for the long-term; it doesn’t always mean buying the cheapest option available.

To help you decide, we have pulled together this eBook.


  • The advantages of Nursery Management Software
  • The 10 questions you need to ask any prospective software supplier
  • What you need to consider before making the decision to switch

What more can you achieve with Connect Childcare?


Access daily, weekly or monthly registers and choose from a range of formats to select your favourite


Send letters, emails and text messages in bulk straight from your system so your parents will always stay informed.

Child & Contact Records

Data can be accessed with just a click so you can leave your bulky folders up on the shelf.


It’s all linked! Book an extra session and registers, ratios and invoices will update automatically.

See it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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