Working in partnership with our nurseries since 2004

A powerful platform for professional educator

Built in collaboration with early years experts, our online learning journal tool is quick to set up and easy to customise.

Why practitioners love iConnect

Avoid rushed conversations with parents at the end of the day, centralise your processes and save hours of admin time –
so you can spend more time with the children.


Reduce your carbon footprint and stop
spending so much on ink, paper and
printing. iConnect can be accessed via  the web or as an android/iOS app so you can leave your folders on the shelf,
ditch your post-it notes and get things
done quickly and paper free.


Promote staff well-being and take
a more inclusive approach. With
enhanced accessibility options for
dyslexic users, everyone can enjoy the
app. Improve accessibility by changing
the colour of free text fields, and
amending the line height of the text..


Safeguard your staff and child data
with robust, industry-leading security.
Ensure data can only be accessed by
those with a professional need with
role-based permissions. Add extra
layers of security with out-of-hours
approvals from your safeguarding

Improve staff wellbeing, child development
and parent partnerships with iConnect…

Shine a spotlight on child development


Record snapshots and ‘wow’ moments including pictures, videos and links to a range of trustworthy early years frameworks and guidance.

Learning Journals

Create online learning journals taking account of contributions from a range of perspectives. Add notes, include the child’s voice and even link to observations
shared from home.

Staff Reflections

Review and edit draft learning journals before they are published to parents. Reflect on everyday events and a child’s interests to help with in-the-moment planning.

Effortlessly communicate with parents

Daily Updates

Send daily updates straight to your parents. keeping them up to date on feeds, naps, meals, bottles and nappy changes.


Share the positives about a child’s learning, behaviour and experiences through direct messages – helping to build relationships with parents.

Learning Updates

Involve parents in assessments, celebrate wins and support them to guide child development at home. Identify areas where children may need intervention, monitoring or staff support.

The benefits of a highly engaged childcare setting

Take a look at just a few of our stats…

Logins last month
Observations logged last month
Child development reports generated last month

See the bigger picture

Digital Check In & Out

Track child attendance and oversee ratios within the app. Use the staff register to log your staff’s check-in and out times, breaks, absences and holidays for payroll.

Development Reports

Get a complete and up-to-date overview of the areas of learning where progress is being made, and spot patterns to help develop your pedagogy.

Productivity Reports

Review how many events have been completed by staff members in a certain timeframe to ensure staff are meeting the requirements of your policies.

Keep your setting safe and compliant


Log when medicines have been administered to a child including the date, time and dosage, keeping the parent/ carer informed on the same day..


Log when and where an accident has taken place, complete with notes. Monitor areas of your nursery that have the highest accident rate to help assess any risks.

Emergency Contacts

Access emergency contacts and view child health information such as medications, dietary requirements and permission questions with a tap, all in the app.

On its own, iConnect is a powerful app, but the real magic happens 

when you use our fully integrated nursery management solution.

How else can iConnect help your childcare settings
to save time?

Offline Mode

Capture offline
observations when
you’re out and about
and sync them when
you get back online.

Bulk event

Daily events can be
logged quickly and
even bulk uploaded
for multiple children.


Have a view of site
closure days and
child and staff markoffs
on the Today


Set reminders, for
your staff, celebrate
birthdays, and room


Parents can sign a
child in and out of
the nursery using the

See it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Request a demo and our team will show you why so many nurseries choose Connect Childcare to
manage their settings.

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