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iConnect is the award winning online learning journal software for practitioners. It's the childcare app that enables staff to save hours each week and reduces the need to spend time away from their key children. Use the latest early years frameworks and guidance to share progress with staff and parents, reflect on teaching practices, and provide key interventions, at the touch of a button on an easy to use childcare app. iConnect is used by thousands of nurseries across the UK and there are over 700,000 observations logged each month.

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Why Choose iConnect?

Many childcare professionals struggle under the increasing pressure to complete mountains of paperwork to satisfy Ofsted, but it doesn’t have to be such a laborious process.

The introduction of iConnect in a setting can save hours of time, and allow practitioners to produce online learning journals in seconds and focus on developing the children in their care.

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iConnect is packed with features to make nursery practitioners lives easier.

Save and share key moments instantly

iConnect makes online learning journals easy. You can log observations immediately as they happen, complete with photo or video, without taking time away from your children. Using relevant early years guidance material, your observations can be linked to a curriculum at the touch of a button without the need for folders and paperwork. Daily activities like sleeps, meals and nappies can be logged quickly and even bulk uploaded for multiple children.

Get an accurate overview

You can leave your folders on the shelf as iConnect gives you a complete and up-to-date overview of group and individual reports without you lifting a finger. It doesn’t stop there, the system is packed full of useful analysis tools and we are always adding new ways of flagging interventions and sharing with staff or parents. Having all of your data logged and stored on iConnect will save you hours and give you accurate and reliable insights.

Informed Assessments

iConnect allows you to create, follow and share each child’s learning story, enabling you to complete informed assessments on child development – right there on the app. You’ll no longer need to thumb through folders of written observations in order to complete assessments.

What else does iConnect do?


Online registers mean you can access them, along with emergency contact details, whenever you need straight from your app.

*Only available with Connect Childcare integration

Multiple Curriculum

Log observations against multiple frameworks. EYFS, SEND, COEL, ECAT, Development Matters (2021), Birth to 5 Matters, Leuven Scales, Montessori, Realising the Ambitions, and many other development frameworks are available.

Child Records

All of a child’s selected permissions, as well as their medical information, are available quickly and easily, on your tablets in your rooms.

Parental Communication

iConnect makes parental communication easy by sending selected information straight to your parents via the award winning ParentZone app.

Online Learning Journals

Automatically create online learning journals from observations and events logged each day.


Reflect on next steps you need to take for each child's ongoing development linking to observations and planning.


Plan your next steps and Enhanced Provision using available resources.

Contacts and Permissions

View emergency contacts and child medicine and permissions questions at the touch of a button


iConnect has been designed with safeguarding regulations in mind. It has built in safety features to protect your photos, and restrict staff log ins. We have teamed up with safeguarding experts to ensure iConnect complies with best practices and will enhance your safeguarding procedures. Our additional security features will ensure that the safety of your children and your data is always a priority.

Security Features
  • All data is highly encrypted so information cannot be read by any third party
  • Administrators can control accounts and the time of day users have access.
  • We actively test the ParentZone software and servers for weaknesses.
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iConnect is available to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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"The Connect Childcare system made an immediate impact on how we manage our nurseries and communicate with parents and carers. This has lessened the burden on the staff at our head office and helped to make each individual nursery more responsible for their own records."

Puffins Childcare - Gemma Rolstone at Puffins Childcare - Exeter
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Follow child development with ease and create online learning journals in a fraction of the time.
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