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A secure and easy-to-use app for busy parents

Delight your families & transition to real-time communication by giving them the award-winning app, ParentZone. 

Why Parents love ParentZone?

ParentZone increases partnership with parents by allowing two-way communication between parents and your nursery. Send parents instant updates about their child’s day so they can access it at a time that suits them best.

Best-Rated App

With 460,000+ users, ParentZone gained an impressive 4.7 overall rating from over 13,000 reviews making it the UK’s best-rated parent app of 2021.

Easy Onboarding

Parents can get started right away with minimal help from you. The app is designed for both iOS and Android and is even accessible via the web, offering an intuitive, colourful and familiar design.


The app uses the same security certificate technology used by internet banking so you can be sure a child(s) photos and data are always kept safe.

Improve Child Development, Parent Partnerships and Cashflow with ParentZone…

Engage parents in their child’s learning journey

Development Updates

Parents can access snapshots of their child’s ‘wow’ moments including pictures, videos and links to early years frameworks and guidance.

Share Updates From Home

Your parents can upload their own observations from their time outside of the nursery to give you a more complete view of a child’s learning experiences. Staff can use the info to inform planning and next steps and strengthen bonds with the family.

Parent Hub

Full of helpful resources, information and activity ideas, ParentHub helps further improve child development by encouraging a continuation of learning at home.

Boost your occupancy and wow your parents

Instant Updates

Parents can access instant updates on feeds, naps, meals, bottles and nappy changes.

Request Additional Bookings

Request extra sessions and view all previous and future bookings straight from the app.

Digital Drop Off/Pick Up

Allow families to check their child in or out from the ParentZone app. This will collect the signature and send straight to iConnect for your staff to approve.

Reduce debt and get paid on time, every time

View Finances

Parents can access finances so they know exactly what they owe. Admin staff will no longer need to spend hours chasing up late payers and your cash flow will benefit as a result.

Contactless Payments

Enjoy the quickest & most affordable way to receive payments around the clock & get paid on time, every time. With in-app payments, parents have the convenience of being able to pay their fees, by card.

Auto Reconciliation

Payments are automatically reconciled against the bill, reducing your admin time by up to 80% (compared to Direct Debit and cash).

On its own, ParentZone is a powerful app, but the real magic happens when you use our fully integrated nursery management solution.

What more can you achieve with ParentZone?

Accident Signatures

Parents will receive notifications each time an event is added for the child. If the child has an accident the parent can acknowledge with their signature.

Request Bookings

Parents can stay up to date by viewing all of their previous and future bookings in one place, they can even request extra sessions straight from the app.

Learning Stories

Share digital observations with photos and videos and save time and money printing photos for learning journeys and newsletters.


 Use the app to send push notifications for new messages and published events. Busy parents can find out about their child’s day wherever they are.


Allow two-way communication to strengthen bonds between parents and your nursery. Share the positives about a child’s learning, behaviour and experiences through direct messages.

See it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it!

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