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10 Fun Facts Children Can Learn About Spring

Spring is a season full of life. As the weather becomes warmer, nature comes to life and our world is filled with birdsong, flowers, and good times. Teaching children about this season from an early age is an important part of their education and development, and it will also allow them to gain an understanding of the world around them.  

As the spring equinox approaches, we are sharing some useful spring facts that you can teach early years children this month. 

  1. Spring is one of four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It begins in March and ends in May. 
  2. The Spring Equinox is the first day of spring. This takes place on the 20th March in 2022. 
  3. The term Equinox means equal night – and this represents the first day where the sun crosses the equator – hence an equal day and night for the North and South Hemisphere.
  4. Many animals have babies during spring – including sheep, rabbits, and common birds. 
  5. Those born in March have daffodils as their birth flower. 
  6. The Zodiac signs of spring are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini
  7. There is a fun myth that on the first day of spring you can bounce an egg on its pointy end – sadly it’s not true!
  8. April sees lots of rain, while May brings blooming flowers. 
  9. When spring begins in the UK, Autumn begins in Australia!
  10. On the first day of spring, the sun sets on the shoulder of the Sphinx in Egypt!

Have you seen our latest activity guide? We have compiled 15 fun spring themed activities that will get early years children in the spirit of the season. If you try any of our activities, make sure to tag us on Instagram @ConnectChildcare.

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