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21st November 2022

Connect Childcare sows seeds of the future with nursery tree planting initiative

A year on from our initial sustainability pledge, we’ve extended our commitment – supporting Go Outdoors Learning, a local forest school, to plant 300 trees as part of the Woodland Trust Free Trees for Schools Scheme. Join us as we document our experience of this tree planting initiative…

Led by former park ranger turned nursery worker, Karen Hutchinson, members of our sales and marketing team joined in the excitement – alongside practitioners and children from the setting.

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16th November 2022

Win a Bundle of Festive Prizes this Christmas!

Our new Competition will give your setting a chance to win some festive goodies worth over £500 to share with your children this Christmas!

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14th November 2022

5 Key Components to an Effective and Efficient Early Years Business

Throughout this blog, Lucy Lewin, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, business consultant and nursery owner advises how to navigate the cost of living crisis in early years businesses. “High-quality early years provision is a key mechanism for closing the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers and supporting maternal employment”. As I even type that…

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17th November 2022

Connect commentary: The cost-of-living crisis and childcare choices

There have been various stories and comments in the news recently about the cost-of-living crisis in relation to childcare costs – with some people believing that this could force parents to use unregistered childcare providers. Our CEO and founder, Chris Reid, recently shared his thoughts on the topic with PACEY. If you missed the original…

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10th November 2022

The UK Childcare Survey: Our Thoughts

As an organisation that works closely with nurseries on a day-to-day basis, we’re committed to supporting the industry in achieving acknowledgement and action around the issues placing pressure on the childcare sector. Partnering with Cairneagle, an international strategy consultancy and instigator of the 2022 UK childcare survey, we’re helping to draw attention to the current…

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9th November 2022

There are many challenges facing the early years sector – can technology help?

This article explores the current state of the early years sector the challenges it faces and highlights how technology can support educators to combat these issues.

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7th November 2022

Introducing the Connect Childcare Loyalty Scheme

Over the last couple of months, we have put a lot of thought into how we can reward and stay connected with our loyal customers.  We would like to introduce you to our new loyalty scheme… This is a way to engage with and recognise how our customers add value to Connect Childcare. This fantastic…

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28th November 2022

U for Unique Child – The ABC of Early Years Education

By paying close attention to a child’s interests and preferences, practitioners can help to shape this experience. Di Chilvers explores how to harness the uniqueness of children today.

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