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23rd June 2022

Music and Neuroscience: What the Music Reveals

Guest blog from Early Years music provider – Boogie Mites Boogie Mites have put years of research into the effects of music on the brain of early years children and along the way have created a strong partnership with the world-renowned neuromusical educator and researcher, Dr Anita Collins.This month, we spoke to Sue Newman, founder…

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22nd June 2022

The Importance of Teaching Early Years Children About Insects

Helping children learn about the world around them and the environment helps provide a good basis for early childhood development. That’s why today we will be discussing the importance of teaching early years children about insects. 

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15th June 2022

In The Moment Planning in the Early Years Sector

‘In the moment planning’ (ITMP) has been the buzz phrase of our sector for some time, but do we truly understand what this means and how adopting this approach to our pedagogy can benefit not only the children, but practitioners and ethos of settings alike?

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13th June 2022

3 Recipes That Encourage Children To Eat More Vegetables

For children specifically, healthy eating week is a great opportunity to encourage healthy eating, hydration, and activity. As we look forward to this celebration of nutrition, we want to share some simple and healthy recipes you can make this week to encourage your children to eat their vegetables. 

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13th June 2022

5 Easy Father’s Day Card Designs For Early Years

Spending some time creating beautiful handmade cards for fathers and other paternal figures is a valuable activity that can bring you closer to the children’s families. Today we have a few colourful and fun ideas that will allow children to show their creativity.

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9th June 2022

Sustainability Activity of the Week: Growing Herb Cuttings

Herbs are a great choice for children when teaching them about plants because they smell fragrant and can also be used in cooking and baking. When you have some store bought herbs that are on their way out it is a great idea to take a cutting and grow your own brand new plant. Not only is this a great learning experience but it also teaches the importance of sustainability and reducing food waste. 

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7th June 2022

How To Encourage Loose Parts Play in Your Setting

Loose parts are an invaluable part of any Early Years environment and the play and learning opportunities that arise from simple and easily-accessible resources, are incredible.
Loose parts allow children to think critically, be creative, use their imagination, test their own ideas and lead and develop their own play and learning with ease.

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1st June 2022

Fun Facts Children Can Learn About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee is coming up on the 2nd June, and many of us will be celebrating with street parties, treats, and Jubilee activities with our children. Teaching children about the monarchy and the Queen is an important part of their cultural development, and today we wanted to share 10 fun facts children can learn about the Queen this year!

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