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29th September 2022

A is for Action – The ABC of Early Years Education

Actions are natural in children, they come right after thinking and feeling. They learn and develop through their actions, and physical movements allow babies and young children to find out about their world around them – supporting growth and accomplishment. Alison Featherbe joins us today to discuss action in the early years.

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27th September 2022

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga in the Early Years

Research is clearly showing that yoga is hugely beneficial for children. In fact, regularly teaching yoga can enhance focus, attention, comprehension and memory, encourage community and connectedness within the classroom and reduce problem behaviours by providing opportunities for reflection, patience and insight. Victoria Tso joins us to discuss the benefits of teaching yoga to early years children.

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22nd September 2022

The ABC of Early Years Education Guide – FREE Download

We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of our latest resource – The ABC of Early Years Education.
Set out in an alphabet-style format, the guide brings together 26 of the sector’s expert voices, sharing insight, top tips, activities, and resources with childcare professionals.
With 26 letters to cover, the download features a vast array of early years topics – including big emotions, wellbeing, Ofsted, outdoor play, data security, inclusivity, sustainability, nutrition, and many more.

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22nd September 2022

Switch to Connect Childcare & receive £700 off your software!

Connect Childcare are running a special £700 off offer to support childcare settings during the cost of living crisis.  The current cost-of-living crisis is being felt by childcare providers up and down the country.  Increasing costs in energy, fuel and supplies is challenging for childcare businesses, many of whom will have already been hit hard…

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22nd September 2022

6 Ways You Can Reduce Energy Costs in your Childcare Setting

Reducing the amount of energy you use in your childcare setting can create some significant savings, freeing up money to invest in other areas of your nursery. Although it can be challenging to know where savings can be made, there are small changes that you can do to help you cut your energy usage and…

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14th September 2022

How we Drive Customer Success at Connect Childcare

In 2021, we made a commitment to become closer to our customers. To do this we introduced some new and improved ways of working whilst building a strong team to guarantee the success of our customers. We recognise the success of our customers is key to the success of our business and we work hard…

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8th September 2022

We’re Exhibiting at the Childcare and Education Expo This September

We’re so excited to be exhibiting again at the Childcare and Education Expo this year in Coventry.

Join us from 10am – 4pm at the CBS Arena on 23rd – 24th September 2022 to learn more about our nursery software and chat to our lovely team!

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25th August 2022

5 Tips on Supporting Parents and Carers with New Transitions in September

Starting nursery is an exciting chapter in a child’s life but it is important to remember that some parents may feel anxious and overwhelmed by this. This transition can sometimes be as difficult for parents as it is for the children. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways in which you can help…

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