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Connect Cashflow

Making and taking payments should be easy.

So we bring you Connect Cashflow; allowing you to take instant card payments and collect direct debits from parents. We even do the allocations for you.

Online Card Payments

Enjoy the quickest and most affordable way to receive payments round the clock with online payments at the tap of an app.

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Direct Debits

A reliable and trusted direct debit service with seamless two-way integration into your Connect Childcare system.

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More and more nurseries are finding out the benefits of going contactless.

0 % of nursery payments are now contactless.
0 Hours of admin time saved on average every month.
0 % of nurseries believe contactless payments are the future and prefer this method.

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Find out how much time and money you could start saving...

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An Unrivalled Offer

Connect Childcare get preferential rates with both Total Processing and Bottomline Technologies, so your new payment solution will not only improve your cash flow with easy payments and seamless integration, you'll also spend less on payment processing fees.

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Online Card Payments

Safe and Secure

Completely contactless and secure payment system allowing parents to pay you online through the ParentZone app, over the phone or on site.

Reduced Admin

Payments are automatically reconciled against the bill, reducing your admin time by up to 80%.

24/7 Payments

99% uptime with payments processed same day and money in your account the next day.

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Discover Bottomline Technologies

Direct Debits

Automatic Payment

Automated payment collections ensure you get paid on time.

Two-Way Integration

Manage from your existing Connect Childcare platform and eliminate hours spent reconciling bank statements.

Trusted and Reliable

An excellent alternative to in-house management, with significantly lower cost and highly secure.

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Key Benefits

Connect Cashflow is the complete payment solution that is designed to suit your nursery, whether you're a single site or managing multiple settings, you too can enjoy these benefits...

Key Benefits of Connect Cashflow

Preferential rates

Enjoy the lowest fees on the market with our trusted payment partners Total Processing and Bottomline Technologies.

Automatic posting

Invoices posted through ParentZone and paid directly in the app.

Automatic allocation

Connect Childcare integration means payments are automatically reconciled against the bill.

Enhanced security

Less cash handling means increased onsite security. ParentZone payments are covered by the highest level of internet security so your details and data are always secure.

Faster transactions

Online card payments processed same day and transferred to your account the next day.

Reduced late payers

Parents can see their outstanding balances and pay at the tap of an app. Choose a specific date to collect your direct debits, so all of your fees will come in on time.

Better experience

Simple payments for parents and reduced admin for you means everyone is happy.

Live insights

Get payment data in real time, complete control of your commercial activity and gain in depth customer insights.

Easy set up

Our dedicated team will answer any questions and help you from setting up to seeing that cash flowing.

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Your Customer Success Manager is on hand to answer any of your questions and help you from getting set up to seeing that cash flow!

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