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ParentZone Resources

Has your childcare provider started using ParentZone? Here we have resources to help you navigate your child’s account to get the most from their online learning journey.

Everything you need to know

ParentZone is a smartphone app which gives you access to information about your child’s day at a time which suits you best.

ParentZone increases your partnership with your child’s nursery by allowing two-way communication.


Access a timeline of daily events and observations and assessments including photos and videos.


Add observations from home using pictures and videos.


Access a gallery of photos and get amazing discounts on photobox products.

ParentZone Timeline


Support for Parents and home learning.

*Please be aware that your nursery has the option to choose which software features to use, so some mentioned features might be limited or disabled.


Have access to your invoices and pay your bills, on time every time.


Have a view of your child’s bookings and request extra sessions.* Request to update your contact details.


Communicate with your nursery through direct messages.

Having trouble logging into ParentZone? Download our helpful user guide by clicking the button to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions asked by ParentZone users.

If your child’s nursery has started using ParentZone you will receive an email to your registered email address to invite you to access ParentZone. 

Please make sure your nursery have an up to date email address for you. 

When you receive the email, click on the link in the email to activate your account

  • Input your child’s DOB
  • Create a password

Download the App

You can download the app for ParentZone on both Android and iOS(Apple) devices. Just head on over to the respective app store and search for ‘ParentZone’.

ParentZone app available on apple and android

Once downloaded, open your App and enter your email address and new secure password.

Accessing your ParentZone Menu

Access the menu on the left-hand side, here you will find:

  • Timeline – Have access to a timeline of daily events and observations. Filter the timeline. 
  • Gallery  – Access all of the photos which have been published to your child’s account.
  • My Children – Access your child’s profile.
  • Bookings – Monthly/weekly calendar of bookings, request/edit bookings for your child.
  • Communications – Access to all of the different communications which have been sent from the nursery.
  • Finance Screen – View historic bills/invoices from the nursery, pay bills.

If you click the drop-down next to your name, you will find:

  • Your profile – Update your contact details.
  • Settings – Reset your password, switch on face/fingerprint ID log on. Set your secret questions, adjust your session timeout.
  • Give Feedback – Fill out the feedback form and it will be sent straight to our development team. 
  • About us – Find the release notes for the ParentZone app.
  • Terms and Conditions –
  • Log out

*Please note that your nursery may decide not to use this feature of the app so this feature may be restricted or switched off.

You will only be able to see the finance information if your nursery has added you as a bill payer contact.

To view/pay your bills click on the ‘Finance’ tab in the menu to access your finance account. Here you can see any bills, payments and credit notes raised against your account.

Click view all transactions to access a breakdown of the invoice/bill/credit note to see a breakdown.

Pay your bills

As long as your nursery has set up this feature, you can make payments straight from your app to clear any outstanding balances.

Simply select the Pay button in the bottom right. Enter the amount you wish to pay. Select the site you wish to make a payment to. Read and accept the T&Cs and select Make Payment. You will be taken to a secure payment screen where you can enter your card details and select Pay Now to send the payment straight over to your nursery. 

Work in partnership with your nursery to give your child the best start in life. Communication is the Key.

With ParentZone you can send your nursery comments on anything you see on your child’s timeline and you can even upload your own photos from home to evidence their continued learning.

Your nursery wants you to be involved in your child’s learning journey. You’ve got the opportunity to contribute your own moments, noting down all the fun things you do at home with your children.

To do this, click on the ‘Add’ button on the bottom right of the Timeline.

Select the child (if you have more than one).

Write some notes.

Write what your child said in the ‘Child’s Voice’ box (or leave blank if they didn’t say anything).

Click the add sign, this will give you the option to open your photo library or take a photo there and then.

Select as many photos or videos as you would like and add your description in to the notes section.

Remember to click ‘send to childcare provider’.

This will then send to your child’s Key Worker as a pending post. Once your Key Worker has published it you’ll be able to see it in your child’s Timeline.

You can add your own observations to ParentZone. Your nursery would love to see your photos and notes of activities your child has done and milestones they reach outside of the nursery setting. Everything you upload helps your nursery to get a clear picture of your child’s earning journey.

Is it a first?

Did your child do something new today? If it is a first, we want to know! Their first steps, first words, the first time they throw a ball. These are all huge milestones in your child’s development and we would love for you to upload a photo and tell us all about it

Have they been somewhere exciting?

If you take a trip to the zoo or go on a woodland walk or visit the seaside, upload your photos. Your child’s Key Worker then has the knowledge they need to encourage your child to talk about the trip, increasing their self-confidence and building their understanding of the world.

Has it made your child proud? 

Confidence is a huge part of a child’s social and emotional development. We want to help to celebrate all of their little wins to boost their self-confidence. Did they enter a competition, or draw a brilliant picture or help to make dinner for the family? If your key worker is aware of these achievements through ParentZone, they can create lesson plans to encourage discussions around Them.

Have they done something at home that isn’t noted at the nursery?

Sometimes a child may exhibit different behaviours in different environments. If your child is shy and quiet at nursery but loves to put on dance performances at home, upload a photo or video for us. This helps to complete the learning journey for each child. We can also analyse what we can do to gently encourage these behaviours at nursery as well.

You can find out more about how your nursery tracks your child’s development by reading the EYFS framework here

*Please note that your nursery may decide not to use this feature of the software so this feature may be restricted or switched off.

You will be able to see your child’s bookings for the month on the Bookings Tab.

Parent Zone Bookings

Request Bookings
To add an extra session – select the + icon at the bottom of the screen.

Select the date and the session you would like to request.

You have an option to add any notes if required.

 Once you are happy click on request booking.

This request will be sent to the nursery manager for approval.

We are always improving our systems and release regular updates to ParentZone.

Before you can get excited about all of the brilliant new features coming your way we need to make sure you can access them. 

To get the latest version of ParentZone on your device:

 ParentZone app store icon

Please make sure you check if your nursery has a photo policy in place and make sure you adhere to it. Please be aware of the rules your nursery may have in place around sharing photos of other peoples children online in order to safeguard them.

If any of the photos on ParentZone include a child which isn’t your own, we would advise that you do not save these images or share them anywhere online. 

How to save images via the app:

Either, screenshot the images directly from the app if you’re using an iPhone, or if your nursery has given you the option to save photos, you will see this icon on your images. Click this icon and it will download the image to your photo library.

Save photos from ParentZone

Saving photos from the web

Login to ParentZone via a PC or laptop.  

Right-click the image and press save when looking at them on the Timeline.

We would recommend using google chrome as this will then also allow you to save any videos your childcare provider may have posted.

You can set your preferred session timeout period within your settings, the maximum is 30 days. This means you will only have to log in once a month. 

There are security implications of not logging out. We’d like you to make sure that you have some form of lock on your device so that if your phone was to fall into the wrong hands your child’s data would not be accessible.

Session Timeout on ParentZone

The number of updates you receive from your nursery will totally depend on how busy the staff are. 

Aside from updates on nappy changes, sleep times and meals, they will usually only create an observation or a moment when they have captured something special which they want to share and track against your child’s development.

Rest assured that this is probably a good thing, meaning that the staff are spending more time with your children and not just not tapping away at their tablets.

Click on ‘communications’ to see all of the different documents which have been sent out to you.

You can resend them to your email address if necessary.

Guides for Parents and Carers

Download your copies today…

ParentZone User Guide

Your guide to accessing your child’s account and getting the most from their online learning journey.

The EYFS 2021 - A guide for parents and carers

Save yourself from reading all 53 pages of the Government’s EYFS, we’ve summarised important points for you in this document.

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