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10 Parenting Apps We Loved in 2021

As a parent, we all want to keep an eye on our children and facilitate their early years development. These days there are a plethora of useful tools and resources for parents to make the parenting experience a little easier for everyone. From an app that helps you choose baby names to one that allows real time updates from nursery; we are here today to break down some of the best parenting apps that we loved in 2021. 


Recently ranked as the best parent app in 2021, ParentZone is a parental engagement app that allows parents to get real time updates about their child when at nursery. ParentZone integrates with iConnect and tracks a child’s important milestones as well as keeping track of their meals and naps during the day. If you want to stay in the loop with your child when you are at work, this is the perfect tool and will send notifications whenever the nursery practitioner tracks an activity. This allows parents to get a better understanding of their child and how they are developing in a nursery setting. 

Sprout Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be simultaneously the most exhilarating and terrifying time of your life. During your pregnancy one of your main concerns will likely be how to prepare for the arrival of your little one, and Sprout Pregnancy can help you here. Sprout Pregnancy will track your symptoms, give you important diary dates in the lead up to birth, and will overall be a pocket organiser for you during this exciting time. 


For those of you who have family and friends living in different cities or countries, sharing photos of your child on social media might seem like the only way to keep your nearest and dearest in the loop. However, Tinybeans is a useful replacement that allows you to share updates only with the people closest to you, so that you don’t feel forced to share your child’s life with the world. 


Choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult decisions when having a baby. Whether you have some names in mind or are going in blind; choosing the name of your child can be an intimidating decision. Enter Babyname. Babyname is like Tinder for baby names, and you and your partner can both download it and swipe right for names you like, and left for those you don’t. The aim is to get a match! 

CBeebies Storytime

For those of us who live in the UK, CBeebies is a very common occurrence in any home with a child. If the soothing tones of Tom Hardy at Storytime are appreciated by your children, the CBeebies Storytime app is for you. Featuring books by some of the top children’s authors around the world; your child can enjoy listening to soothing renditions before nap time. 


Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a parent is trying to find mums who have children the same age. Mush is a great app because it will allow you to build a profile and find similar-minded mums with children around the same age as your own, and you can chat, share advice, and organise meet-ups. Building a community as a mother can be an important part of your life and will help you to navigate motherhood much more easily. 


FIIT Mum is an app that is aimed at helping postnatal mums regain their strength as well as pelvic health after birth. Developed by postnatal fitness experts, this application is ideal to help new mums get back into a fitness routine and stay healthy. There are 6-week stages consisting of 25-minute workouts that even the busiest of mums can do during the week. 


Sometimes one of the most challenging parts of parenthood is finding activities for your children in the local community. Hoop is a handy app that has a list of different events and activities happening in your area so you will always have a place to take your child to socialise, play, and learn. 


Whether you want to relax with your favourite parenting app or you need something to keep your child occupied… Readly is a winner on all fronts. It has a library of over 4,000 different magazines to choose from and will provide endless entertainment for both you and your child. 

Sound Sleeper

One of the most common questions new parents ask is how to get their baby or child to sleep. Sound Sleeper is a great tool that will provide white noise as well as soothing sounds of the ocean and rain to help your child drift off into the world of slumber. You can also use the app to track sleep and ensure your child is getting enough. 

These were just a few of the parenting apps we loved in 2021, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring! 

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