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Ask The Expert – Episode Seven: John Siraj-Blatchford

Catch up on our interview with John Siraj-Blatchford, Director of SchemaPlay

Earlier this year, we launched a new blog series called ‘Ask the Expert’ – which provides a platform for all Early Years (EY) professionals to share their experiences and advice with the industry, on their chosen specialist subject. We’re now building upon the success of the written series by including video interviews with our chosen guests, so you can choose to either watch, read, or listen in your own time.

At the recent Childcare and Education Expo event, we interviewed Dr John Siraj-Blatchford Director of SchemaPlay. In this video, John explains the SchemaPlay pedagogy, how settings can use knowledge of schemas to improve children’s learning environment and how childcare settings can engage parents in dialogue about children’s play and learning.

Watch here or read up on the article below.

About SchemaPlay

SchemaPlay is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that was set up in 2018 to produce publications, resources and training opportunities for Early Childhood Education. They offer bespoke training, consultancy, and early childhood research and development.  Their current projects include the creation of training resources to support practitioners in improving learning and developmental outcomes through Play in the Zone of Proximal Developmental Flow (ZPDF), through Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship, and in early childhood Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)..

To find out more about SchemaPlay, visit their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter. 

In Episode 8 of our ‘Ask the Expert’ series, we welcome Arun Kunwar from Carneagle Associates.
Arun shares how settings can prepare to deal with some of the long-term effects of the pandemic. He then delves into the current key challenges facing the sector and how these can be tackled. Arun gives insight into which areas of the sector can grow within the coming year.

If you’d like to take part in our ‘Ask the Expert’ video series, please contact our marketing team via marketing@connectchildcare.com.

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