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Case Study: Happy OrKids Ltd


Happy Orkids is a single-site, 60-place nursery at Ilford’s Kantor Campus, which is also home to Jewish primary and secondary schools. The setting welcomes babies and children from three months to five years, across baby, toddler, and preschool rooms.

Funded places are available for two, three, and four-year-olds, and the team strives to deliver excellent child-centred care and early years education.


Connect Childcare has been this nursery’s software partner since its inception. Happy Orkids opened its doors in 2018 as Excel Nurseries, and recently changed its name. 

Management report that the biggest challenge of the business is staffing – seeing that dedicated professionals are deployed in the correct numbers and locations, every day, especially during those hectic winter months when working families are at their busiest.

Hand in hand with making sure personnel requirements are comfortably covered is looking after the wellbeing of employees. A happy, rested, and engaged team is core to the smooth running and ultimate success of the setting.


Connect Childcare’s full package plays a key part in keeping employees informed and involved with easy access to training documents, rotas, and other essentials, via an easy-to-navigate smartphone app.

Being ever-ready for checking, means that the stress of a misplaced folder is a thing of the past.

When making the leap from a paper-based administrative system, mastering the technology can feel like a daunting prospect, but the team at Happy Orkids wholeheartedly believes that the initial upheaval is worth it.

Things that used to get missed when logged manually in a paper file are now clear to see on Connect’s centralised interface – and office tasks can be attended to quickly and easily from the nursery floor. 

Vital information such as children’s hour-by-hour medication requirements can be logged and updated on the sophisticated system.

In addition, ParentZone has provided a real boost in terms of building partnerships with families – which can be difficult to sustain and grow, when staff rely on quick chats at handover points.

In summary, the setting certainly feels that having Connect on board makes everyone’s job easier, facilitating more rigorous and reliable records, and better human communications, all-round.

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