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Choosing the right observation & learning journal software

When you are considering the transition from paper processes to tablet software, you really need to consider what day to day processes you currently have in place in your nursery and how many of these can be taken over by the use of software.

Your passion is child development, so having software to streamline your observation processes and quickly create online learning journals will certainly save you some time. However, there are some products out there which include many more features. You wouldn’t believe how much time and money you could save if only you invested in the right products.

We’ve surveyed the market and come up with a list of things you should consider when looking for observation and child development software.

Does it follow the formative assessment cycle?

What extras will I get within the software?

What else will I need to buy?

Will it really save me time?

We’ve created a free eBook to help you think about these questions and choose the system that suits you best.

Download it here:

Choosing the Right Observation Software


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