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Easy Tips For Fruit Picking With Children

It’s National Children’s Gardening Week from the 28th May – 5th June 2022. As part of this, we are providing some helpful resources and tips to help encourage your children to get outside in their gardens to learn about plants and wildlife. 

National Children’s Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. Whether its potting plants or identifying critters – there are plenty of wonderful ways to spend time in the garden and learn new skills. 

Today we want to focus on one activity in particular that you can do in the garden with children – picking fruit. If you have fruit bushes and trees in your own back garden this is a fabulous opportunity to show children where their favourite snacks come from. And if you don’t, there are plenty of fruit farms and public parks that harvest the UK’s most common fruits and vegetables every summer. 

What are the benefits of picking fruit for children? 

When we consider picking fruit and vegetables as an early years activity it is important to know how this links to the EYFS and what skills a child can gain from this experience. These are the main points that a child can learn when picking fruit:

Understanding the World 

  • Children can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects.
  • Making use of outdoor areas provides opportunities for investigations of the natural world.
  • Encouraging children to pick their own fruit will allow them to investigate the outdoors, weather, and seasonal change.

Mathematics: Counting

  • Children may engage in counting-like behaviour, making sounds and pointing or saying some numbers in sequence.
  • Picking fruit is a fantastic way to encourage children to count numbers in sequence.

Tips for Picking Fruit with Children 

If you want to try this easy activity this summer with your children, we have some simple tips to share that will ensure you and the children get the most out of this fun experience. 

1. Berry farms have limited supply

If you have chosen to take a trip to a berry farm with your children this summer it is important to remember that a farm can only harvest so much, and it is a good idea to call ahead to check before you visit. 

2. Pick a cool day   

When you head out to pick fruit with children it is very important to consider the temperature and their health and safety. As such, choosing a cool day in the spring is the perfect time to do it because it will allow you to pick fruit for longer without overheating. 

3. Bring sun cream

Following on from the last point, make sure you bring lots of sun cream for yourself and the children when you go to pick fruit! 

4. Bring baskets

When you head out to pick fruit with early years children, a great idea would be to bring some mini baskets or containers that each child can carry to collect their crop. As the  children go around and pick fruits, they can feel a sense of achievement building their collection, and they can take these fruits home or snack on them in class. 

5. Pack a picnic

One of the most important things you can do when planning a trip out into the countryside or a farm is bring food for the children. Children get grumpy when they are hungry, and providing some healthy and nutritious snacks for them is a must. Consider making some sandwiches and bringing sticks of carrot and celery with a healthy houmous dip for children to eat while picking. 

Have fun picking fruit with early years children and use them in kitchen projects when you get back home to make the most of the experience! Have you seen our Gardening Activity Guide yet? This FREE resource features 10 gardening activities that will teach children about the natural world.

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