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We’ve joined forces with EYFSHome to help support eight-times more home-educating families

At home learning throughout half-term and beyond with Autumn Club

Autumn Club EYFS Home

We’ve partnered with EYFSHome to help over 180,000 home-schooling parents and childcare providers access its free database of educational activity resources – all of which link to the national Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Having reached over 24,000 users during its seven months in operation, the Government-funded initiative aims to reach eight times this number, by integrating into the ParentHub section in our ParentZone app – accessed by over 180,000 active users each month.

Originally set up by a group of volunteers at the start of the lockdown period back in March, EYFSHome aims to plug a gap in the market – offering free resources to facilitate child development outside the nursery or childminder setting, for those aged between three and five years-old.

Launching with ‘Autumn Club’, our app-users will be able to access a library of seasonal resources – worksheets, videos and posters – to help keep their children’s engagement and learning journey progressing inside the home.

Commenting on the rationale behind the service, Simon Hepburn, EYFSHome’s marketing and community director, said: “The situation we find ourselves in due to the pandemic isn’t going away any time soon, which means we must continue to adapt to and overcome the challenges. “Nurseries are finding it increasingly difficult to remain open due to current funding levels but demand for childcare is at an all-time high. And our mission is to support nurseries and parents in keeping child development in full flow, while all this is happening around us. “We knew COVID-19 would affect Early Years education in a big way, but we – with the help of Connect – aim to help mitigate any feelings of uncertainty or helplessness parents and childcare staff may have, by providing them with the ‘tools’ they need to help their child develop.”

Elaborating on joining forces with EYFSHome, Connect’s CEO, Chris Reid said: “We believe consistent learning in both childcare and home environments can boost child development and deepen understanding. “EYFSHome is making it easier than ever to provide quality information, activities and ideas to parents that link to the work nursery staff are doing within their setting. “With Wales entering into national lockdown and talks of a ‘circuit breaker’ in England, we’re keen to get EYFSHome’s resources in front of as many people as possible – and the collaboration will help spread the word across our customer base.”

EYFSHome currently works with celebrities, authors and EYFS experts to bring high-quality and engaging activities for both parents and nursery staff alike. With over 400 activities and 100 story-time videos produced so far, EYFSHome plans to double this in 2021 with the help of Connect and other potential partnerships over the coming months.

EYFS Home Autumn Club 

Now Available on ParentHub

EYFS Home Activity

Look for the EYFS Home icon in ParentHub  

EYFS Home is available now within ParentHub – in your ParentZone app. You can share this update with parents to help them with at-home learning resources throughout the half-term and beyond. Each ‘Topic’ will be available in your app and will be followed by a schedule of  ‘easy-to-access and do’ activities, along with resources and materials for families with young children (and their siblings!). All learning will link to the EYFS framework but will be based around play, development and fun with the family. 

To make it easy for the activities to be accessed by your parents, we have created this free “how to” letter for you to copy and send to your parents! Simply click the button to download the pdf below. 

10 days of themed activities for you – accompanied with…

  • A beautiful A3 poster designed by illustrator Sarah Bennett
  • A wall chart to track your activities
  • Stickers to show off what you have achieved

Here’s a snapshot of the Ten days worth of activities available to participate in right now for free in ParentHub…

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