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Our Latest Early Years Guide is Now Live

With funding rate increases announced in the spring budget for 2024, alongside plans for the increased funding hours launched back in 2023, there has been much debate around the most pertinent topics facing the early years sector — namely, the complexities of funded childcare and how this is communicated to parents.

In our latest guide, we uncover how nursery managers can avoid parent frustrations when navigating the intricacies of government funding, as well as highlight practical tips to start conversations early on to avoid misunderstandings around additional costs.

Download this resource to discover the necessary steps your nursery can take to effectively navigate the latest funding complexities, and explore how to bust misconceptions that subsidised childcare is ‘free’.

By downloading this guide, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Dealing with common misconceptions from parents
  • Practical tips to actively avoid parent frustrations
  • How to navigate the latest funding complexities

*If you’d like to have a look at other eBooks, activity guides, and case studies we’ve created, you can also head over to our resource hub.

Communicating Funding Complexities to Parents

Are you considering the best approach to make parents aware that funding doesn’t mean childcare is free? Find out more in our latest guide.
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