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How Nursery Management Software Can Help You Retain Staff

How Nursery Management Software can help You Retain Staff Blog Image

Staff shortages have been a theme for some time within the childcare sector. And with the issue showing no signs of improvement, retaining the practitioners that make your setting such a wonderful place for children, is more crucial than ever.

A survey carried out by the Early Years Alliance in partnership with Ofsted and the Department for Education (DfE), was in response to the Alliance’s Minds Matter research that found 78% of practitioners rated paperwork and administration as being regular sources of stress.

Asked about their reasons for leaving the sector, 58% said that their internal processes required more paperwork than was necessary to meet best practice standards within their own setting. This coupled with a lack of time nurturing the children in their care were driving factors for leaving the sector. So how can nursery management software help?

It alleviates the paperwork onus

Records can be logged immediately, and linked to relevant frameworks, without a build-up of time-consuming admin to be tackled at the end of the day. Learning journals can be built seamlessly, and observations created in an easily understandable format which satisfies colleagues and Ofsted alike. 

Creates an environment that practitioners love

Eliminating excess admin frees up valuable time for educators to spend doing what they love — developing children’s skills and enhancing their enjoyment of the nursery setting. Not only is this beneficial for the wellbeing of the little ones within a setting, but for the welfare of key workers too. 

Enhances outcomes for children

With more time to spend with the specialists leading in their educational provision, children can enjoy greater bonds and enhanced learning outcomes. This, in turn, creates a more rewarding result for caregivers as they experience the enjoyment of seeing a child excel thanks to their expertise. 

Increases oversight of staff ratios and skills

Providing an overview of staff levels and capability across every site, nursery groups large and small can deploy practitioners not just in accordance with ratios but in a way that ensures the setting is equipped with the necessary range of skills. Creating a balance of junior and senior staff ensures that every caregiver can access the support they need to excel. After all, learning from more experienced members of the team is vital in any sector if colleagues are to progress within their careers — rather than them feeling the need to seek new opportunities elsewhere.  

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