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How to work in partnership with your nursery

Not only is it important for your child to have a strong relationship with their nursery teachers, it’s also vital that parents and guardians are able to as well. That bond is crucial when making sure your little one is getting the best possible care and development opportunities.

Fathima Abdullah, mum-of-one and test engineer here at Connect Childcare, recently shared some key ways in which to strengthen your two-way partnership in those all-important early years. If you missed the original article in the Lemon-Aid newsletter, catch up here…

  1. Communication is key

You’ll most likely want to know everything about what your child’s been up to when they return from a day at nursery. Don’t be afraid to ask your nursery teachers about your little one’s day during pick-up, and also let practitioners know about any milestones achieved.

For example, your youngster might now be completely toilet trained, or able to pretty much dress themselves – these are all critical pieces that make up an overall jigsaw puzzle. Plus, armed with this information, your nursery can use this detail to evolve their activities and focus on certain skills.

  1. Be clear on the level of support you need

As a parent, you might be super confident when it comes to knowing and understanding your child’s every need, or you might require a little more support – both camps are okay to be in.

The bond between practitioners and families should always be free from judgment and be a two-way relationship that’s built on trust and honesty. In turn, this will help you feel comfortable to tell your child’s key person about their development and whether any additional guidance is required.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you don’t understand what your nursery is trying to tell you, ask for clarity – no question is too silly. Settings will often speak about ‘observations’ or ‘learning journeys’ for example, and you shouldn’t be expected to know exactly what these are in fine detail. Ask for any jargon to be broken down.

  1. Use technology to your advantage

Many early years environments will ask you to download an app so teachers can update you on how your little one’s day is going. These are fantastic tools for providing short, snappy pieces of information and photos in relation to meals, sleep, and general play. Make the best use of the free tools and provide your own updates too, so you further that all-important two-way communication.

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