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Keeping your team happy and motivated

Guest blog: George Newman, Childcare Marketing

It’s George here, the Content Manager at Childcare Marketing. At Childcare Marketing, our business knowledge isn’t limited to marketing. Our experience has taught us many things about running a successful business, so we want to share this insight with you. In this blog, we’re going to uncover the secret to getting the most out of your employees and making sure that they stay with you. This is done by keeping them both happy and motivated, making them excited to come into work every day. Below are 4 amazing lessons that we’ve learnt along the way:

  1. Be a supportive and appreciative leader- A happy team has a leader that supports them when needed but doesn’t micromanage them. Employees want a strong direction but also a sense of independence. A good leader also gives their employees appreciation and recognition on a regular basis, making them feel like a valued member of the team. 
  1. Create an open culture that accepts mistakes– An open company culture will produce new     ideas and ways of doing things. Healthy debate should be encouraged in order to get the best results. By accepting mistakes, you are giving your employees a sense of comfort and freedom to experiment which often leads to amazing results. 
  1. Provide opportunities for learning– Employees will be happier if they feel like they’re developing their personal and technical skills. By giving them opportunities for personal development, they’re likely to be more fulfilled and put more energy into the company. Hence why at Childcare Marketing we’ll soon be opening the ‘Childcare Marketing Academy’ for our employees and customers! 
  1. Be a master communicator– Communication is so important for creating a happy team. Although it sounds simple, listening to your employees intently can make all the difference as they will feel like their opinion is being valued. Communication should be regular to ensure everyone is on the same page and working in the same direction, towards the same goals. Constructive feedback is also a powerful communication tool.

By applying these 4 employee management techniques, you will see a change in the happiness and motivation of your workforce in no time. It will also benefit you as a leader as being in a happy, motivated team is much more enjoyable and things get done way more efficiently. We hope you’ve gained some valuable insight into some key employee management techniques that could massively contribute to positive change within your business. 

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