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O is for Occupancy – The ABC of Early Years Education

Strong occupancy is vital for the long-term viability of a childcare setting. But while a waiting list of children is many a nursery’s dreams — getting to this point requires a concerted effort in the marketing stakes. 

But with many settings already feeling the strain due to staff and funding shortages — and often without a dedicated marketing resource in-house — getting into a rhythm of communicating externally, can prove a challenge.

However, taking the first steps doesn’t need to be daunting. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started when it comes to increasing awareness and generating an outward facing identity that’s as appealing from the outside, as it is on the inside. 

Revamp your website

With the increasing role of online channels in our daily lives, many parents will want to visit your website as a means to generate those crucial first impressions. Making sure that your online presence is professional, vibrant, and friendly is essential. 

Use it as an opportunity to showcase just how great your setting is, with the inclusion of Ofsted quotes, parent testimonials, and a range of images that show off the variety of activities on offer for children during the course of a week.

Cultivate a vibrant presence on social media

Social media is a great tool through which to reach parents — whether to convey exciting nursery updates, highlight different elements of the provision, or to share ad-hoc suggestions for activities that caregivers might want to enjoy with their children at home. 


Having an active presence also means that parents can recommend the setting within local community groups – another means to raise awareness and drum up nursery place enquiries.

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